The English takeover of New Netherland (which was subsequently renamed New York)
was followed by the expulsion of the Dutch
In the early days of the Virginia Colony, which is the best description of its settlers?
They preferred to search for riches instead of farm
After 1618, the Virginia Company's principal means of attracting new settlers was
a system of land grants
How did Roger William's religious ideas clash with those of the Puritans?
Williams felt that it was not enough to purify the Church of England from within, but to separate from it
Lord Baltimore's settlement in Maryland
never succeeded in becoming a feudal society
King Charles I disbanded Parliament in 1629 because he could not deal with the intense criticism from the
In 1622, the Native American tribes of Virginia
attacked the English settlements
Because of its policy of religious toleration, ______ attracted unusual numbers of independent-minded people
Rhode Island
What eventually solved the economic problems of 17th-century Virginia?
cultivation of tobacco
Which describes the Puritan attitude toward the Church of England in the early seventeenth century?
They wanted to improve the Church of England from within
Seventeenth-century Quakers were known for their
beliefs in personal humility and pacifism
To resolve the problem of the vast expenses New World settlement required, English merchant-capitalists introduced the concept of
the joint-stock company
Initially, Lord Baltimore intended that Maryland be a haven for
The colony of Pennsylvania was established as a religious sanctuary for
Which identifies why the Mayflower Compact is considered an important historical document?
It was the first example of colonists forming a basic government in North America
How did the religious beliefs of the Quakers compare to those of the Puritans?
The Quakers rejected the Church of England in favor of their own form of worship; the Puritans merely wanted to reform the Church of England
Which statement provides the best interpretation of this sentence from text page 57? "The diversity of early English colonization must be emphasized precisely because it is so easy to overlook"
The different reasons settlers came to each English colony cannot be considered separately from their experiences once they had arrived
The selection of a site for Jamestown was based primarily on the settlers
fear of surprise attacks
English settlers in seventeenth-century America could be characterized best in terms of their
striking social diversity
The lives of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson provide strong evidence that
Massachusetts Bay faced difficulties in creating the perfect society in America
In which colony was the death rate for the early colonists most severe?
How did someone become a member of a church in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
A person had to perform community service before being allowed to join a community church
Which is the only category in which seventeenth-century colonists in Massachusetts were more successful than Virginia's colonist?
adopting a concept of community welfare
The first three years of Jamestown's history witnessed
terrible hardship and suffering
Why was William Penn's Frame of Government remarkable for its time?
It included more personal liberties than other English colonies
Those who migrated to the Chesapeake Bay area as indentured servants were
normally single, lower-class males in their teens or early twenties
Jamestown might have gone the way of Rhode Island had it not been for the perseverance of
Captain John Smith
Which best summarizes the pattern of English kings in colonizing North America?
they followed a precise plan of geographic development
Jamestown's prosperity was ensured by
tobacco cultivation
The document in which the Pilgrims established a civil government for their Plymouth colony has become known as the
Mayflower Compact
Which best describes how the colony of New York was settled?
New York was originally settled by the Dutch and then taken force by the English
Upon arriving in the New World, English settlers
generally adapted old beliefs to the new environment
The Pilgrims, who left Holland to settle in America
feared their way of life was being undermined by the ways of their Dutch hosts
The man who taught Virginians how to grow tobacco was
John Rolfe
Which was NOT a major factor stimulating English migration to the New World?
laws that forced migration of the poorer classes
The attitude of King James I toward tobacco
showed hat, in the end, he valued revenue more than good health
Large numbers of the first English settlers in the Carolinas came from
The ______ Company was responsible for the settlement of Jamestown in Virginia
The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay believed that the best way to reform the Church of England was to
remain in the Church and reform it from the inside
In 1624, Virginia became
a royal colony
Why did the original boundaries of Maryland present a problem to colonists?
They were vaguely defined
Which made the economy of Carolina different from the other Southern colonies
Carolina's economy became dependent on rice as a staple
In which colony were religious reasons least important in its founding?
To its founding leaders, _______ would be a City on a Hill
Under the "headright" system in Virginia
all new arrivals received 50-acre land grant after they had paid for their passage
Why did the new colonists of Georgia demand slaves?
The main crop of Georgia, tobacco, could be cultivated only with slave labor
The purpose of these new English companies to finance settlements was
to encourage "limited liability" for the investors
Anne Hutchinson's skillful self-defense at her trial before the magistrates of Massachusetts Bay was ruined by
her reliance on the scriptures
Seventeenth-century English Puritans
were committed to significant institutional change
Indentured Servants
were working off the coast of their passage to America