How did the Articles of Confederation compare to the Constitution in regard to sovereignty?
Under the Articles, States had omre autonomy while the Constitution gave some powers to the united states
How did the Articles of Confederation compare to the Constitution on regards to the economy
Under the Articles states made more decisions about the economy than the national government
Under the Articles of Confederation what would be considered an accomplishment of the national government?
sassing ordinances for establishing settlement of western territory
Which type of government demonstrates a clear cut separation of powers?
United States Constitution
Which state would have been pleased by both the New Jersey Plan and the three-fifths clause?
What does the omission of the word "slave" or "slavery" in the text of the original Constitution suggest about the founders?
They felt a reference to slavery tatinted American ideals on liberty and equality
In regard to slavery what did the constitution do?
It established a twenty year limit on the buying and selling of slaves within the United States
By banning the importation of slaves with the constitution by 1808 what did critics of slaves accomplish?
They hoped cutting off the supply would eventually end slavery in the United States
What did James Madison aim to accomplish withthe protections of both public and private liberties
He hoped to avoid more unrest like Shays Rebellion
What influenced mens decsions of whether to support retification of the constitution
their economic statuses and geographical locations
What helped to encourage a ratification of the Constitution?
the oppurtunity to leave a legacy in print
What did James Winthrop, a Massachusetts public official fear about the new Constitution?
Under the Constitution a citizen would lose basic civil liberties
Which of the following scenerios can potentially be seen as a violation of the First Amendment?
a women is arrested for organizing a peacful meeting to protest the federal governments action
Based on the Naturalization act of 1790 who would have been allowed to become and American?
a german immagrant
How would slaveowners in the late eighteenth century have explained a slaves repeated stealing and drinking of alcohol
The alcohol should have been better hidden from slaves
Which of the following was a charcteristic of the federal government inder the articles of confederation
Congress would not levy taxes ot regulate commerce
Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress was able to:
establish national control over land tot the west of the thirteen states
What was Congress wble to accomplish with its Native American policy under the articles of confederation?
Congress backed away from any involvment when land companies requested that the government steo aside and leave the Wests economic development in private hands
Why did Congress claim that some Indians had forfeited their land rights in the aftermath of independence?
because they had aided the British during the War
In the 1780s settlers in western areas such as Tennessee and Kentucky:
believed they had a right to take possession of western lands and use them as they saw fit
Which of the following is true of how the leaders of the new nation viewed settlers moving west across the appalachians in the 1780s
They shared their British predeccessors fear that frontier settlers would fight constantly with Native Americans
The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
established the policy to admit the areas population as equal members of the political system
With regards to slavery the Northwest Ordinance of 1787:
banned slavery in the area north of the Ohio River and the east of the Mississippi River
Which of the following did states NOT do during the period when the Articles of Confederation government United States?
They called out militias to stop foreclosures on the homes of debtors
Under the Articles of the Confederation what did the states do in regards to economics
They created a varity of economic policies
Shays Rebillion:
modeled their tactics on the patriot protests of the 1760s
Shays Rebellion was signifigant because it demonstrated:
The need for a stronger central government
Which of the following persons would have been the most likely supporter of the Articles of Confederation?
an indebted farmer in Western Massachusetts
James Madison:
was Thomas Jefferson's ally and disciple
Which two prominent men were nor at the Constitutional Convention?
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
Which of the following does NOT describe those who attended the Constitution Convention?
Most had earned thier wealth after rising from humble origins
Which of the following is true of the Virginia Plan?
It proposed a two-house legislature with population determining representation in each house
The New Jersey Plan:
was mainly supported by the smalled less populated states
What ultimatly happened with the VIrginia and New Jersey Plans?
a sompromise was reached employing ideas from both plans
What qualifications did the Constitution, ratified in 1787, impose for voting?
None it left voting rules to the states
Why was the original House of Representative so small with only sisty-five members
The founders assumed that only prominent individuals could win elections in large districts
As designed by the Constitution
federal judges were appointed by the president not elected the people
why did the founding fathers create the electoral college?
They did not trust ordinary voters to choose the president and the vice president directly
The relationship between the national government and the states called:
The Constitution explicitly granted Congress the power to do all of the following EXCEPT:
emancipate slaves
Which of the following is NOT a check against presidential power in the Constitution?
The house can remove the president from office after impeaching him
Which of the following is true of the Constitution of 1787 and slavery
Although never using the word slavery the document protected several aspects of the institution
Which of the following is true regarding Congress and the African slave trade in the United States under the Constitution?
Congress prohibited the African slave trade twenty years after teh ratification of the Constitution
How did southern react to the Constitutions provisions regarding slavery?
South Carolina and Georgia imported 100,000 slaves before the international slave trade was constitutionally prohibited
The three-fifths clasue in the U.S Constitution:
gave the white house South greater power in national affairs thatn the size of its free population warranted
Through 1848 a majority of presidents were wouthern slaveholders because:
southern states recieved more electoral votes with the three-fifths clause
Who wrote the preamble and put the final written touches on the Constitution?
Gouverneur Morris
The eighty-five essays written in support of ratification of the Constitution were called:
The Federalists
At the New York ratufying convention of the Constitution who said this document struck the perfect balance between liberty and power
Alexander Hamiltion
James Madison's writings about the Constitution:
did much to help Americans understand its new political institutions
In the Federalists Hames Madison argued that:
the large size of the United States was a source of political stability
Which of the following groups tended to be Anti-Federalists during the ratificatino debates
state politicians fearful of a strong central government
Anti-Federalists included
Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry
In the History of the American Revolution David Ramsey:
praised american state consititutions for allowing future amendments
The Anti Federalists James Winthrop argued that a bill of rights was nessasary in the constitution because:
it would secure the minoirty against the usurpation and tyranny of the majority
During the process of ratifying the constitution:
Englsih law strongly influenced some of its provisions
all of the following of the bo=ill of rights are true EXCEPT
it explicitly granted the right of seccession
The first amendment dealt with:
free speech
Which of the following is true of how the U.S. government in the 1790s dealt with Native Americans
The U.S government made treaties with them mainly to transfer land to itself or to the states
Who was defeated at the Battle of Fallen Timbers
Little Turtle
Under the treaty of greenville of 1795
twelve indian tribles ceded most of Ohio and Indians to the federal government
What was the annuity system involving the U.S government and certain indian tribes
a system under ehich the federal government gave annual monetary grants to Indians
Hector St. John Cerecorcoues Letters from an american farmer:
popularized the idea of the United States as a melting pot of ethnicites
During the early years of the republic African Americans
made up close to 20 percent of the total population
Which of the following is true of american national identity as envisioned by the constitution
the people were free americans native americans and other persons meaning
the naturalization act of 1790 allowed
only free white persons to become citizens
Who wrote notes of the state of virginia
thomas jefferson
thomas jefferson believed that African Americans
would eventually be free but america should be a homogeneous society
by tbe 1790s the phrase we the pwoplw came to mean what
rights were increasing for white americans