Adolphe Sax was a famous musical instrument inventor who positively affected bands in the United States.
America's vernacular traditions also included music for brass bands.
Before recorded music was widespread, music like the rags of Scott Joplin could be mechanically performed by _____.
player pianos
Rags, like marches, are structured in regular, duple-meter sections known as _____, each of which is usually repeated.
Scott Joplin is considered the "March King."
false, 288E
Scott Joplin is one of the first African American composers to receive wide recognition.
Scott Joplin won the Pulitzer Prize posthumously for _____.
The United States Marine Band has a history dating back to the eighteenth century.
The work that is considered to be Scott Joplin's most famous is his _____.
Maple Leaf Rag
Which of the following does NOT describe the style of ragtime?
No repetition in each rag