The spark for World War I was provided when Gavrilo Princip Assassinated
Francis Ferdinand
The first total war in world history was
World War I (The Great War)
Approximately how many combatants died in World War I?
15 million
The term for the idea that people with the same ethnic origins, language, and political ideals had the right to form sovereign states was
the nationalistic aspirations of subject minorities was most threatening to a state such as?
Slavic cultural unity was actively promoted by
In 1914, England's share of the world's industrial output stood at
14% roughly the same as Germany's
Which of the following was not an important area of competition and conflict between England and Germany in the years leading up to World War I?
The naval race
The members of the Triple Alliance were
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
The French were deeply suspicious of German expansion because of
The inability of the French to forget their humiliationg defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.
The military plan that called for an invasion of France through Belgium was called
The Schlieffen plan
The soldiers who marched off in 1914 to fight in World War I were mostly
Wildly enthusiastic
The German offensive of 1914 was halted at
The Marine River
The western front in World War I was
A bloody stalemate
The massive German assault on the western front in 1916 was
Which of the following does NOT characterize the experience of trench warfare?
Cavalry charges
The Somme was
An English assault in 1916 that gained a few thousand yards.
In World War I, the Eastern front was
Ultimately a spectacular German success
Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of the new total war of World War I?
The extension of laissez-faire capitalism to its greatest freedom
What effect did World War I have on the status of women?
Women in many countries received the vote in the years after the war
The World War I poet who considered Horace's line that it is "sweet and fitting to die for one's country," to be an "old Lie" was
Wilfred Owen
Which one of the following is NOT an explanation of the expansion of World War I to Asia, Africa, and the Pacific?
Other nations entered the war for reasons that had nothing to do with the murder of Francis Ferdinand
The Twenty-One Demands were issued
By Japan to China
The Japanese fought in World War I due to their
Desire to acquire German colonies in Asia
Which of the following was a German African colony conquered by the Allies in the Great War?
The March Revolution of 1917
Swept Lenin into power in Russia an led to the creation of the Soviet Union
The last tsar of Russia was
Nicholas II
The main reason for the failure of the provisional government in Russia in 1917 was
Its inability to satisfy popular demands for an end to the war
The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Ended Russia's involvement in the Great War
The key factor in the United States' decision to enter World War I was
Germany's resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare
One of the major problems of the Paris peace negotiations that led to the Treaty of Versailles was
Russia's absence from the negotiations
Woodrow Wilson agreed i many harsh stipulations to the Treaty of Versatilles
In return for the creation of the League of Nations
In the wake of World War I, Mustafa Kemal became president of
The mandate system
Angered the Arab world because it was little more than a glorified form of imperialism