The idea that the president may be advised by executive branch officials in confidence without the advice becoming public is called ______.
executive privilege
As a result of the __________ scandal, Richard Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment and a Senate trial.
The __________ address has become one of the most important tools a president can use to call attention to the presidential agenda.
State of the Union
A __________ is a binding and public agreement between the United States and one or more nations, requiring mutual action toward a common goal.
The________is at the top of the hierarchical organization of the White House Staff.
chief of staff
The _____ is an advisory group chosen by presidents to help them make decisions and execute laws.
__________occur(s) when voters cast their ballots for congressional candidates of the president's party.
Presidential coattails
In the role of __________, presidents have argued that they have inherent power to respond to emergencies and protect the safety of Americans and the security of the United States.
commander in chief
Presidents tend to have_______approval ratings at the beginning of their term.
The three most useful resources that presidents have to pass their own legislation are___________, public support, and their own legislative skills.
party leadership
The president would seek the advice of the______ regarding how much the administration should propose to spend for each government program.
Office of Management and Budget.
According to the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, if a vacancy occurs in the office of the vice president, the ______ appoints a new vice president.
According to the Constitution, __________ should be reserved for serious criminal offenses, not political conflicts.
The Framers were concerned that giving the president too much power would lead to a ________.
After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, George W. Bush and Congress added the Department of Homeland Security to the executive body known as the __________.
Which one of the powers listed below is a constitutional power that the president shares with the Senate?
making treaties
Which institutional resource is closest to the president?
White House staff
In which institutional resource are leaders both appointed by the president and approved by the Senate?
the Cabinet
Which of these became an official presidential qualification in 1951?
maximum of 2 terms
What is executive privilege?
The idea that the president may be advised by executive branch officials in confidence without the advice becoming public
Who has the role of breaking a tie in the Senate?
Vice President
Historically, vice-presidential candidates are chosen to __________.
politically balance the ticket
What does the Twenty-Second Amendment do?
requires that presidents serve only two terms
Presidents have to spend time leading the legislature in order to gain support for their initiatives because the american system is one of________.
shared powers
Which presidential power is balanced by required approval of the Senate with a two-thirds vote?
negotiating treaties with other nations
Congress can remove a president through __________.
Whom did the Framers expect to be the first president of the United States?
George Washington
What has to happen in Congress before the president can be impeached?
a simple majority in the House
What president is arguably considered the first modern president?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Throughout most of its history, which was considered an insignificant office?
vice president
Which presidential oversight includes the State of the Union address?
The president must inform and convene Congress.
What was intended to give Congress a greater voice in the introduction of American troops into hostilities?
The War Powers resolution
Based on the four points regarding impeachable offenses, which of the following might constitute an impeachable offense?
a president's decision to invade a country solely to increase public support
How did Walter Mondale's actions change expectations of service for the vice presidency?
Mondale became a close advisor the the president
Which of the following is an example of the rally-round-the-flag effect?
George W. Bush's popularity was boosted following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The use of __________ in foreign matters is an example of the president acting as a global leader.
executive agreements
What is the purpose of the Council of Economic Advisers?
to advise the president on economic policy
Which best describes the president's constitutional duty to Congress?
The president must give Congress an occasional update on the state of the union.
Which is one of the reasons that power and responsibility of the presidency has grown?
The United States became a world power.
Which president was a political scientist?
Woodrow Wilson
What role does a president play when celebrating a national holiday?
chief of state
Which reviews legislative proposals and assesses their budgetary implications?
Office of Management and Budget.
Which presidential power gives the president the ability to shape the federal courts far into the future?
The president can influence congress through evidence of popular support, otherwise known as__________. IT offers legitimacy and credibility to a recently elected president's proposals.
a presidential mandate
What did the framers do to avoid anarchy or monarchy in the executive branch?
They included separation of powers in the consitution
Presidents with high levels of __________ have an easier time influencing Congress, while those with low levels find influencing Congress more difficult.
public approval
The chief of staff, press secretary, and national security assistant are all members of which group?
White House Staff
Which is a group of presidential advisers? This group is too large and too diverse to serve as a collective board.
the White House staff
What is the role of the National Security Council?
to advise the president on national security
Give an example about the news that is generally true?
framed in themes
How might presidents use their powers of persuasion in the legislative process?
in leading public opinion to support their policy agendas
Why does the perception of a mandate matter in presidential politics?
Because modern presidents are more dependent on the people for election and more involved in policy making than early presidents, they are prone to claim the mandate of the people when governing.( prone to claim the mandate of the people when governing.
In which capacity is a modern vice president particularly influential in American politics?
as an advisor in the policy-making process
Which of the following statements best characterizes the nature of the conflict between presidents and Congress?
The conflict is integral to the design of the Constitution, deliberately intended by the authors of the constitution.
Which of the following statements best describes contemporary relationships between presidents and Congress?
They are generally antagonistic.
How has the office of vice president changed over the years?
The vice president has been more involved in the policy-making process in recent years than in the past.
Which of the following leadership abilities is critical to presidential success?
the ability to persuade members of Congress and the American public
How might rallying events affect presidential politics?
Rallying events tend to temporarily increase presidential approval ratings, providing windows of opportunity to press for action on their agendas.
When might citizens be particularly concerned about an expansion of presidential power?
when they oppose the president's agenda
How do presidential elections affect the political dynamic of a president's domestic political agenda?
Presidential elections increase the legitimacy and credibility of a president's proposals
According to the text, what is true about most of the presidents following Lyndon Johnson?
they opposed government growth
What distinguishes the modern/contemporary presidency from the institution originally envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution?
Many presidents have enlarged the power of the presidency by expanding the president's responsibilities and resources
Which word best describes the language used by the Framers to describe the office of the president?
What was the turning point that gave rise to the modern institutional presidency?
the economic and social turmoil of the Great Depression
Why was it significant that George Washington was the first person elected to the presidency?
His early actions served to establish important precedents that greatly increased the political legitimacy of the office.
What distinguishes modern presidents from early presidents?
Modern presidents are much more active in the formulation of policy than early presidents
How does the White House staff differ from the president's Cabinet?
The White House staff has greater access to and more influence on the president than the Cabinet.
Which of the following statements provides the best characterization of the members of the White House staff?
The White House staff is composed of individuals personally and politically close to the president chosen specifically to serve the president's needs.
Why was the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution adopted?
to clear up ambiguities over the constitutional provisions surrounding the role of the vice president should the president die or become incapacitated
Name something that George W. Bush used which caused critics to charge the presidential powers threatened the constitutional balance of powers?
He withheld info from congress under the doctrine of executive privilege.
Why was the War Powers Resolution (1973) adopted by Congress?
to reinvigorate the role of Congress in the conduct of war