What goat story describes coffee's legendary discovery?
coffee was originally discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder, Kaldi who noticed abnormal activity after the goats consumed the berries off the coffee pant
The early history of coffee included a 1674 pamphlet from England; what was it called?
The Women's Petition Against Coffee
According to statistics Canada (2009), which province in Canada consumed the highest amount of coffee per person?
Quebec at 70% adults
In the early 18th century, what were English coffee houses referred to as?
Penny Univercities; a penny per cup people listened an learned from literary and political people of the era
Coffee houses first began appearing in which two countries?
England (1650) and France (1671)
In which region of the world does the first documented existence of tea exist?
Chinese manuscript in China
In 2008, what was the approximate per capita consumption of tea in Canada?
79.4 L because of the antioxidants in some of the teas
Which country is the world's largest producer?
Brazil, in 2009 produced 2.5 times as much as Vietnam
After coffee and tea were introduced to Europe, approximately how long would it take chocolate to arrive?
a century before coffee and tea, use spread slowly
Who kept the process of preparing chocolate from the coca bean a secret until the 17th century?
the Spanish
Which culture originated the process of preparing chocolate by drinking the pods in the sun, roasting them,removing the husks and then grinding the coca kernels?
the Aztecs
Green, black and oolong tea are all prepared from the leaves from what?
a bush or 5-10 m tree in the mountains of China, Siri Lanka, India or Indonesia
Theobroma, the genus name for the cocoa tree, is Latin for what?
food of the gods
Most regular brewed teas have about how much caffeine per cup?
40-60 mg of caffeine/cup
What is the unique xanthine found in chocolate?
What modern day cola drink began as a nerve tonic?
coca cola
Why did the FDA in 1909 seize some coca cola syrup and file charges against the coca cola company?
the syrup was misbranded and contained no coca, it contained caffeine (added poisonous ingredient)
What has been used to desensitize the user to symptoms of alcohol intoxication, increasing the potential for alcohol abuse and alcohol-related harm?
high caffeine energy drinks
What are the current FDA rules on Cola drinks caffeine quantities for 12 oz?
cola doesn't have to have caffeine, if need be it can't have more than 0.02% (0.2 mg/mL)
What is the most consistent withdrawal symptom after chronic caffeine use?
a head ache occurs 18-19 hours after a recent caffeine intake; fatigue and head ache/dysphoric mood/flu-like somatic symptoms
How does caffeine work in the brain?
blocks the brains receptors; caffeine stops the adeosene from attaching and activating the receptor
What has caffeine been shown to be an effective treatment for?
regular coffee consumption reduces the risk for Parkinson's disease
Several studies support the idea that caffeine does what to intoxicated individuals?
caffeine makes you more alert, but co-ordination and concentration is still impaired
Consuming more then how many milligrams of caffeine per day is believed to reduce a women's chance of becoming pregnant?
more than 300 mg of caffeine