What are the geologic features for which Siccar Point in Scotland is famous?
a boundary between steep gray layers below and gently dipping red layer above an unconformity an ancient erosion surface
If a rock started with 1,000 atoms of a parent but now contains 250 atoms, how many half lives have passed?
2 half lives
What is a principle we use to determine the age of a landscape surface?
a surface with a well-developed soil is probably older than a surface with no soil
In this photograph, Paleozoic sandstone rests depositionally on Precambrian granite. What events must have occurred before deposition of the sandstone?
uplift of granite to the surface solidification of granite at depth formation of an erosion surface
What factors are the most critical in determining whether a fossil is preserved?
whether the creature had hard parts and how fast it was buried
This figure shows two sections that partially overlap in age. Dashed lines show how the two sections correlate. What can you conclude from these correlations?
the left section represents older rocks than the right section
What would fossil ages from the geologic timescale tell us about the age of this unconformity?
the unconformity is younger than the fossil ages on the tilted bed the unconformity is older than the fossil ages in layers above the unconformity the amount of time represented by the unconformity can be approximately bracketed by the ages of the fossils above and below
Which of the following is evidence that Earth's history is not short?
millions of layers of light- and dark-colored sediment that record yearly cycles rates of seafloor spreading compared to the width of the Atlantic Ocean a 4-billion-year age on a rock in Canada thousands of isotopic ages measured by different methods
What was the Cambrian explosion?
a time when many different types of creatures appeared on Earth
This figure shows two fault scarps, a lava flow, and erosion along one of the scarps. What is probably the oldest feature of those listed below?
the scarp on the right