Experts fear that if Internet gambling were legal, compulsive gamblers would probably
break the law.
Which of the following is the most common outcome of cybersex?
All of the following are reasons why online infidelity is very appealing EXCEPT that it
leads to real-life liaisons about 60 percent of the time.
All of the following are characteristics of cyberporn surfers, except for ________.

Which of the following statements about cyberdeviance is true?
The majority of identity thefts are inside jobs. (p. 281)
The Anti-Defamation League and the Poverty Law Center
track prejudice online and promote tolerance. (p.


The text's author calls the Internet the "wild frontier of deviance" because
Internet deviance can be carried out with impunity. (p. 280)
All of the following are true about expressing hate online, EXCEPT that the deviants
usually follow up their expression of hate with actual discrimination. (p.


All of the following are examples of using the computer as a tool to commit a deviant act, EXCEPT
Cyberdeviance can be split into two broad types, which is disrupting a computer network as a target and
using the computer as a tool to commit deviant acts. (p. 280)
All of the following are features of cyberstalking, EXCEPT that cyberstalkers
usually make themselves known to the persons they are tormenting. (p. 289)
The key factor that allows people to express their anti-minority feelings and beliefs is

(p. 288)

A Trojan is
a name for spyware. (p. 281)
Which of the following are NOT characteristics of hackers?
They have deviant personalities.

(p. 291)

Net Nanny is
a way to block children's access to pornography. (p. 285)
A global perspective on cyberdeviance reveals that cyberdeviance is
truly global and borderless. (p. 292)
Legalizing Internet gambling would
produce needed tax revenue.

(p. 282-283)

Which of the following figures reflects the yearly number of cybercrimes around the world in 2002?
1,300,000 (p. 293)
Most people consider online affairs just as real as offline affairs because
they can lead to marital discord and divorce. (p. 286)
The most common type of cyberdeviance is ________.
Two factors that have led to the tremendous rise of cyberdeviance is the phenomenal increase in the use of computers and
the lack of law enforcement.

To many sociologists, hackers strongly resemble
juvenile delinquents. (p. 291)
Joe engaged in an online affair, but when he was caught by his wife, he insisted in was not an affair. He was likely to use all of the following reasons to deny guilt, EXCEPT that
no one was hurt by the affair. (p. 286)
Men who visit and use child pornography sites are considered
Most identify theft is done by
organization or corporate insiders.

(p. 281)

Which of the following would be an example of cyberterrorism?
the disruption of the nation's air traffic system (p. 291)
Internet gambling seems to be more convenient, solitary, and anonymous. These features also make it more ________.

Cyberstalking is sometimes more disturbing and dangerous than traditional stalking because
cyberstalkers have greater access to personal data. (p. 289)
About ________ billion dollars are spent each year on Internet gambling.
Many companies are unwilling participants in identity theft.

All of the following are practices that facilitate identity theft if not implemented, EXCEPT for

using hard-to-guess passwords. (p. 281)
If consumers are sent bogus e-mails that appear to come from legitimate banks or e-commerce sites in order to gain personal information, they are victims of ________.
Which of the following is a relatively harmless form of hacking?
hacking a famous person's cellphone and posting stored photos (p.


Which of the following is the reason why no terrorist has launched a cyberattack upon the United States?
Cyberterrorists still do not possess specialized knowledge of the U.S. computer infrastructure. (p.


All of following are reasons for people to take part in cybersex, except for
resolving marital problems. (p. 283-284)
Cyberporn has become a big business because
customers can view porn in the privacy of their homes. (p. 285)
Which of the following statements about Internet gambling is true?
Internet gambling is illegal in the United States. (p.


The repeated harassment of others through the Internet is called ________.
The anonymity of the Internet discourages discrimination because it (ASK IN CLASS)
hides the group-identifying cues of gender and ethnicity.
Which of the following types of hacking are the most well known?
planting viruses (p. 290)
Which of the following is one reason why the United States cannot stop Internet gambling?
the lack of law enforcement (p. 282)