patient taking bumetinide-Bumex and spirinolactone-Aldactone. Using drugs together may reduce risk of which of the following adverse effects?
patient about to begin HCTZ for hypertension to check for adverse effects you should monitor
hyponatremia, hypokalemia, dehydration
patient about to begin doxasocin (cardura) therapy to treat hypertension. which of the following drugs does the patient take requires further action?
sildanefil -viagra
instructions for patients taking captopril -Capoten
do not use salt substitutes
Losartan - Cozaar is unsafe for pregnancy
fetal injury
aliskiren -Tekturna for hypertension, what to avoid for optimal absorption
fatty foods
isosorbide - Isordil to treat angina, patient to avoid
sodium channel blocker that treats superventricular and ventrical dysrythmias
beta adrenergic blocker that controls atrial and ventricular tachycardia
is a potassium channel blocker that treats ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia
calcium channel blocker that treats supraventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation or flutter
amiadarone -Cordarone to treat atrail fibrillation, watch for and report which of the following
cough, blurred vision, dizziness, fever
drug whose off label use includes refractory atrial dysrhythmias
adverse reactions to ethacrynic acid -Edecrin
hearing loss
question nifedipine if pt has hx of
unstable angina pectoris
serious adverse reaction to simvastatin -Zocor--warrant to stop therapy
muscle pain
captopril-Capoten to treat hypertension stop if
rash, distorted taste, swelling of tongue, dry cough
aliskiren -Tekturna to treat hypertension monitor for which of the following
hyperkalemia, throat swelling and cough
furosemide -Lasix to treat hypertension , dont take with
hydralazine adverse reactions
a lupus like syndrome
amiadarone avoid
grapefruit juice
patient with depression should avoid
cardiac dysrithmia short term use with severe long term side effects
dont mix dobutamine wiht
monamine oxidase inhibitor, general anesthetic, tricyclic antidepressant, beta blocker
losartan- Cozaar adverse reaction to drug
facial edema
verapamil with grapefruit can cause
eplerenone -Inspra
avoid use of salt substitutes
milrinone- Primacor question if
acute MI
carvedilol-Coreg increased risk if taking anitdiabetes
atenelol-Tenormin perform first
apical pulse
propenelol- Inderol dont take OTC
nifidipine- Procardia to reverse effects
clonodine, discontinue abruptly could cause