Printing press
What was Yohan Guttenberg responsible for creating?
Non-religious movement
The Reniassance movement was mainly a seculur movement. What is a secular movement?
What was the protectionalist economic process that made the mother country wealthy?
The principles of Russian social and economic relied on what?
Monarchy (absolute)
As Russia develops after the Mongols, what type of political structure do we have?
Japan became isolated from Europeans
How would you describe Japan's reaction to the arrival of the Europeans?
Joint stock company
What allowed for the explorers to have money?
South Africa
What was the only region of Africa that sold whites?
Netherlands- the dutch
Where were the whites from?
Middle passage
What was the slaves journey across the Atlantic called?
your race
What was the primary basis for the social hierarchy?
Ming dynasty
What dynasty in China decided to shut down Zang Hai?
The columbian exchange
Because of exploration, the exchange of crops and animals is called what?
Triangular trade
What was the slave trade between the Americas, Europe and Africa known as?
In what year did the Ottoman Empire gain control of the Byzantine Empire?
Name a region of the Americas that received more Africans than others
Of the 3 muslim states, which was the greatest threat to Europe?
Silver or agriculture
What dominated economically in New Spain?
Who gets colonial rights in India?
France, Britain, Spain
Name 3 of the 5 original European countries
What was the main cash crop in Brazil?
What was the main cash crop in Britain?
In what year did Christopher Columbus discover the islands?
Who financed Columbus' voyage?
Protestant reformation
What did Martin Luther start with the 95 thesis?
endulgences, celibacy of the clergy, and he wanted services formed in vernacular language
What were 3 of Luther's criticisms of the catholic religion?
Henry VIII
What England monarchy was the Anglican church of Englad by?
Calpurnicus and Galeleo
Name 2 supporters of sun centered universe
When was Jamestown founded?
When did the Protestant reformation begin?
Rafael, Michaelangelo, Shakespeare, and Michonelli
Name 4 contributors to the Renaissance
civil service exam
What must one pass to become a member of the scholar gentry?
What allows Europe to dominate the globe from 1450-1750?
no rights
What do slaves, serfs and peasants all have in common?
What part of the world did the slaves mostly come from?
cheapest form of labor
From a European perspective, what was the purpose of the slave trade?
Cortez, Pizarro and Fernando were all what?
all the gold and silver
What was the cause of economic inflation in Europe?
Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Malatos, Free natives, slaves
List the social class levels of New Spain from top to bottom
What did Peter bring to Russia?
What branch of christianity was practiced in Russia?
What country drifted to parliamentary monarchy?
decreased due to diseases
What happened to the native population?
Where else did Britain and France fight for?
religious intolerance
Inquisition and witchcraft are examples of what?
your soul is predetermined
The belief of predestination taught what?
True or false, Russia was the center of manufacturing
True or false, christianity became popular in Asia
separated into separate states
After the mongols, the muslim world did what?
Which branch of religion wasn't around yet in this time period?
New Spain- sugarcane Brazil- agricultural, more slaves
What is one difference between Brazil and New Spain?
What country was the leader of Asian trade?
What spot did Europe not partially colonize?
What people faded with the fall of the mongols?
What part of the world dominated from 1450-1750?
North Africa
What region does Russia not go to?
Mughal world
What reforms did Okbar attempt?
what branch of christianity is most practiced in Spain?
liked it, but didn't extend opportunities
Describe Catherine the Great's attitude towards westernization
where were Europeans originally trying to go?
Aztec and Incan Empire fell to whom?
William and Mary
Who signed off on the English bill of rights?
big bureaucracy, civil service exam, architectural
Desribe the Ming Dynasty
Where was the Anglican religion?
Germany (central europe)
Where was the Protestant religion?
Sail alDin
Who was the leader of the Saffavids?
Where would we be today?
they used gold to buy finished goods from other countries and became dependent
What became a problem for the Portuguese?
middle class
What never truly developed in Russia?