Percentages of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Non-religious
Christians - 33% Islam - 21% Hindu - 14% Jewish - .14% Nonreligious - 16%
Which religion is the fastest growing?
Polytheistic religions (years, important beliefs)
8000 BCE to 600 BCE. Belief systems in which many gods and goddesses represent spirits of nature that take human form.
Hinduism (years, percentage, founder)
2000-1700 BCE, 14%, no one founder
Hindu religious script
Hindu priests
Hindu releasement from the circle of reincarnation
Hinduism (basic beliefs)
Reincarnation. Karma determines destiny. Most follow one of the principle gods. Caste system.
Laws Hindus must follow to get to Moksha
Buddhism (years, percentage, founder, why did it start)
563 BCE - 483 BCE, 6%, Buddha, protest against Hindu priests
Four Noble Truths
Where Buddhist beliefs lie
type of Buddhism
type of Buddhism
When did the two sects of Buddhism split/what are they called?
100, Theravada and Mahayana
Buddhist ideal
Buddhism (basic beliefs)
All suffering comes from desire. Self control. Reincarnation. Popular because it accepted everyone regardless of caste, class or sex.
Eight fold path
What Buddhists must follow to reach Nirvana
Confucianism (year, founder, why did it start?)
551- 479 BCE, Confucius, bring order to China after fall of Zhou.
Confucianism (basic beliefs)
Respect for family, veneration of ancestors, personal standards of value = traditions that led to good government. Not a religion - belief system. Highly optimistic views on human nature. Only smart people in gov - it doesn't matter who your daddy is.
Civil service exam
From Confucianism.
Taoism (year, founder, why did it start?)
580 - 500 BCE, Lao Tze, bring order to China after fall of Zhou,
Taoism (basic beliefs)
Balance of nature. No total good, no total bad. Political involvement/activeness not necessary because the world will even out on its own.
Judaism (years, founder, percentage)
1500BC - 1350 BC, Abraham, .14%
Ten Commandments
Covenant between God and Moses
Christianity (three main types, percentage)
Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, 33%
What is the worlds largest religion?
Islam (year, percentage, founder)
570, 21%, Mohammed
Five Pillars of Islam
1. Pray towards Mecca 2. Fast 3. Pilgrimage 4. Give to charity, alms giving 5. Oneness of God, Prophet Muhammad
Three groups of Islam
Shiites, Sunnis, Sufis
Shintoism (date, founder, percentage)
no known dates, no known founder, 70 - 90% of Japan
Shintoism (basic beliefs)
No prayers, dates, scriptures. Polytheistic devoted to Kami. Not a religion - aspect of life based on ritual not belief.
Shinto spirits. Not Gods, but look out for people's well fare. Rituals allow communication between Kami and people
Zoroastrianism (date, founder)
system of religion founded in Persia in the 6th century BC by Zoroaster
The sacred text of Zoroastrianism,
Ahura Mazda
Zoroastrian God of wisdom.
Spenta Mainyu
holy spirit from which all good comes in Zoroastrianism
Zoroastrianism (basic)
Almost extinct, only survived in isolated comunities.
Sikhims (date, founder, why, percentage)
1469 - 1538 AD, .36%, Guru Nanak, did not like Hinduism
Sikhims (basic beliefs)
Afterlife, reincarnation. Founded on teachings of the ten Gurus. Sharing and hard work are very important principles of the Sikhs.
Granth Sahid
The Sikhish holy book - but also one of the living Gurus. The book is considered a living Guru and is treated as such.