Code of hammurabi-Definition
Writing in Mesopotamia that describes punishments that carried out a civilization
Code of Hammurabi-significance
It was how the city was governed
Central Asian/Oxus civilization- definition
A first civilization, economically based on irrigation, agriculture, and stock raising; culture based on agriculture; no literature; developed in 2200 bce in China
Central Asian/Oxus civilization-significance
One of the first civilizations with good walls and gates
Uruk- definition
Ancient Mesopotamia's largest city; in the third millennium; center of the city is a stepped pyramid
Uruk- significance
cities started to play a role in civilizations
indus valley civilization- definition
had no temples/palaces or kings was in Mesopotamia Egypt and Peru, architectural styles
indus valley civilization- significance
they were architecturally advanced for the time they were in
norte chico/ caral- definition
civilization, found monumental architecture, strong fishing industry,trade, no pottery or writing
norte chico/ caral- significance
one of the civilizations that did not rely on agriculture
mohenjo daro/ Harappa- definition
along the banks of the indus valley, richly built houses of 2 or 3 stories, indoor plumbing, luxurious bathrooms, private wells
mohenjo daro/ Harappa- significance
wasn't common for civilizations to have indoor plumbing and tall houses
patriarchy- definition
males run the family, does the work, tells wife and kids to do, in control
patriarchy- significance
it led to gender inequality and male dominance
rise of the state- definition
organized around large territories, ranked officials, kings, greater power than cheifdoms
rise of the state- significance
rise of the state- significance
the gift of the nile- definition
the nile flooded predictably every year to bring soil and water that led to rich Egyptian agriculture
the gift of the nile- significance
it was what led to the rise of the Egyptian civilization and helped them flourish, eventually led to the downfall of pharaohs because the nile didn't flood when it was supposed to
nubia- definition
distinct civilization, developed its own alphabetical script, retained many gods, ironwork industry by 500 bce
nubia- significance
led to the diffusion of Egyptian agriculture
Olmec civilization- definition
took shape around 1200 bce, rose from competing cheifdoms in southern mexico, based on a maize, beans, squash
Olmec civilization- significance
the civilization was sometimes called the mother civilization of mesoamerica
paneb- definition
had a rough childhood, violent, known for brutality, Egypt 13th century, married, disappeared from history
paneb- significance
it showed gender in-equality
epic of Gilgamesh- definition
ancient Mesopotamians poem that describes the city of uruk
epic of Gilgamesh- significance
one of Mesopotamia's writing systems