What is in the center of the dining room table?
Ten china figures of little Indian boys are set in a circle in the center of the dining room table.
What hangs above the mantelpiece in each of the bedrooms in the island mansion?
A framed verse, "The Little Indian Boys," hangs over the mantelpieces of each bedroom in the island mansion.
The guest arrive, get situated, and have a nice dinner. What happens after dinner?
A mysterious voice, seeming to come from nowhere, makes accusations about each of the guest.
What is the title of the record that Rogers played?
The record is titled "Swan Song".
What reason does Emily Brent give for coming to Indian Island?
she received an invitation to join a friend she'd met two summers ago for a holiday at Indian Island.

Of what crime does the "voice" accuse each person in the house?
Each of the guests are accused of murder.
What conclusion does Wargrave come to about the owner of the house?
Both the initials of the owner and his wife were U.N. with the last name Owen.

Wargrave concludes that U.N. Owen is an unknown person who has lured them all to the island.

What accusation is made against Wargrave?
Wargrave is charged with sentencing an innocent man, Edward Seton, to death.

What had happened to Dr. Armsrtong's patient?
The women died on the operating table because he was drunk when performing surgery.
Who is the one person who refuses to speak about the charges made against him/her?
Emily Brent refuses to speak about the charges against her.
What happens to Anthony Marston?
He suddenly collapses after taking a drink from his glass.