Meg and Calvin repeatedly question Charles Wallace on their way to Mr. Murry. In response, what does he warn them he will do?
He will send them to IT
Charles says everything on Camazotz is in order. Why?
The people there have learned to give in to IT
What does the Man with Red Eyes say when Calvin accuses him of hypnotizing Charles Wallace?
He thinks "hypnotized" is a simple way of describing it
What character trait did Meg wish she had?
Being brave
Why is everyone "happy" on Camazotz?
There are multiple answers: -They never get sick -They are all alike since they think that differences create problems -Camazotzians have one mind (IT's) -No one suffers
Why Charles is able to open walls?
He "merely rearranged the atoms" (pg. 154)
Who was in the transparent column?
Mr. Murry