What did the second ghost first appear as?
After 1 am
When did the second ghost appear?
The person not in it knows what should be done.
What does dickens say about a predicament?
Greenery everywhere, berries everywhere, holly, mistletoe, ivy,
What happened to the room Scrooge entered?
Food- turkey, geese, game, poultry, brawn, meat, chestnuts, oysters, apples, oranges, pears, cakes (made up a sort of throne)
What was on the floor of the room?
A jolly giant
What was the second spirit?
Deep green robe with white fur, bare feet, holly wreath, antique scabbard and sheath with rust
What was the second spirit wearing?
Genial face, sparkling eye, open hand, cheery voice, un constrained demeanor
What was hrs second spirit like?
"Come in and know me better man"
What is the first thing the ghost said to Scrooge?
More than eighteen hundred
How many brothers did the spirit have?
The city on Christmas.
Where did the second spirit take him?
People shoveling snow and throwing snowballs and food
What is that main thing dickens talks about in the city?
Where did the people go first?
To church
Where did the people go next?
His own.

What type of flavor did the ghost say was in his torch?
Bob cratchets house
Where did the spirit take Scrooge?
What is a bob?
Peter, Martha, Belinda, tim
Names of cratchet children?
He wanted people to see him as a cripple and remember Jesus healing people.
What did tiny Tim tell Bob Cratchot about what he thought?
If tiny Tim will live
What does Scrooge ask the ghost at bob cratchets house?
The founder of the feast
What do they call Scrooge?
A poor child lost in the snow.
What was tiny Tim's song about?
A family singing Christmas carols.
Next place Scrooge visited?
Two men at lighthouse wishing each other merry Christmas and singing.
3rd place?

All men hummed tune, spoke of Christmas or thought of it.

His nephews house
Infection, disease and sorrow
What do they say laughter is more contagious than?
Dimpled, surprised looking face, ripe mouth, little dots on chin, sunny pair of eyes, provoking.
What was the niece like?
Imagination + memory=
What is the second ghost the personification of?
A spirit for every Christmas.

(1800 because 1800 years since Christ's birth)

Who are the ghosts brothers?
To bakers shop to cook it.
Where are they carrying dinner?
What is Scrooges nephew named?
Blind mans bluff
What is the game topper played?
Hospitals, foreign lands, jail,
Where were some of the places the ghost went after Fred's?
Claw, scraggly looking boy abd girl
What came out of the ghosts robe?
Boy- ignorance, girl- want
What did the girl and boy represent?
The marketplace in London
Where did the ghost of the future take them first?
Kidney issue
What do they think tiny Tim's ailment is?
Crèche (manger)
What does Cratchet mean?
Dickens own family
What does the Cratchet family represent?
Surplus population, workhouses and persons.
What quotes does the ghost use?
By next Christmas
When will tiny Tim die?
Yes and No
What was the second game they played called?
12 days (jan 6)
How long was Scrooge with the ghost of present?