Approximately how many hours apart were the two high tides
6 hours 1
What percentage of Earth's history represents human existence
1 less than 1. 0%
At what approximate the altitude in the atmosphere can stratospheric ozone be found
Monsoons develop as a result of
Large changes between the temperature of the continent and neighboring oceans
The surface bedrock of Mount Marcy New York is composed primarily of which rock
Compared to the oceanic crust the continental crust is usually
Thicker with a less dense granite composition
Which agent of erosion is most likely responsible for the deposition of sand bars along the ocean shore line
Wave action
Fossils of which type of animal Catskill surface of bedrock
near which two latitude are the most of the Earth's dry climate found
30 degrees north and 30 degrees south
A psychrometer is used to determine which weather variable
Relative humidity and dew point
If the air has a dry bulb temperature of two degrees Celsius ne what bulb temperature of negative 2 degrees Celsius what is the relative humidity
Which geological events recorded in New York State at approximately the same time as the extinction of the dinosaurs and androids
A fossil formed 11,400 years ago which percent of the original amount of carbon 14 remains in the fossil
What is the average air pressure exerted by the Earth's atmosphere at sea level expressed in millibars inches of mercury
Which New York landscape region is most composed by horizontal sedimentary rock at high elevation
Allegheny Plateau
Rifting of the tectonic plates in eastern North America during the jarassic. Was responsible for
Opening of the Atlantic Ocean
Which event following a massive volcano eruption
The addition of ash particles into the atmosphere
Which two process has led to cloud formation and rising air
Expanding and cooling
volcanic ash deposits are most useful of correlating the age all rock layers if the ash was distributed
Over a large area in a short period of time
Compared to the ocean crust the continental crust is usually
Sticking with less dense granite composition
During which phase change does water released the most heat energy
Determination of water vapor carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the Earth's early atmosphere for billion years ago resulted mainly from
outgassing from Earth's interior
Which color of light has the shortest wavelength
During which moon phase could an observer on earth see a lunar eclipse
New moon
Which mineral is commonly mind as a source of the elements led
The earths internal heat is primarily source of energy.
... Moves the lithosphere plates
Landscape characterized by gentle sports and mentoring streams are often found in regions with
sediment covered bedrock
Pieces of bed rock material that are broken from a cliff and deposited by a landslide at the base of the club I described as
Angler and unsorted
The narrow andy barrier islands in the ocean along the south coast of Long Island for the deposited by
Wave action
Witch statement best siscribes the position of the sun and sun set as seen by an observer
The Sun rises north of due east and sets north of the West
Which process led to the formation of pics of deposits found in the bed rock at the same locations in New York State
Calc white cement
Hey gases in the Earth's early atmosphere I'm free to have come from marry from
Evaporation of seawater
Liquid water sometimes turns into ice one comes in contact with the Earth's surface one present weather symbol on a station model represents
Freezing rain
An air mass in Juneau Alaska from the moon from Pacific Ocean the most likely be labeled on
Maritime polar
Erica sedimentary bedrock of marine origin of those four billion years old what your friends can be made from this formation
And head over heels four billion years ago oceans
What is the shortest weight of light
How old is solar system
The aleutianni islands extand to
3 divergent plate
The new woyr tgesgtjdrjfeub
41 degree north
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