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Short True Story about George Herbert Mead

George Herbert Mead, 1863 -1931, an American pragmatist, sociologists, social psychologist and philosopher, was graduated in Oberlin in 1883 and in Harvard in 1888 and also studied in Berlin and…

Paul Ricouer

Paul Ricouer, a French philosopher and theologian in the tradition of hermeneutics. He taught in the United States of America in the University of Chicago and alsto taught in Europe…

Letter to a Continental Philosopher

After learning from and studying your philosophical view of man-kind, I understand that it is believed by you that because there is no God, there are no maker of man…

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Over the years, various religious groups have struggled to pigeonhole the megapopular Harry Potter books. Some conservative Christians will tell you the series is of the devil, its author using…

Christopher Mccandless: a Transcendental Philosopher

A Transcendental Philosopher: Christopher McCandless The novel Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, is a story about a transcendental philosopher by the name of Christopher Johnson McCandless. The story follows…

Nietzsche, Nihilism and the Death of God

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche while producing many works, consistently wrote on five main concepts: nihilism; revaluation of values; will to power; the eternal return; and the overman. Yet all these…

Descartes First Certainty

In order to understand Descartes’ First Certainty, it is best to view and situate the greater scheme of his philosophy against the backdrop of the intellectual revolution of his time….

In Defense of Socrates

My client, the great philosopher Socrates, today stands accused of practicing atheism and of corrupting the minds of our Athenian youth. Meletus and a host of others have brought these…

Descartes example for high school

Rene Descartes was one of the greatest philosophers in the Baroque period. He was influential not only in physics, natural sciences, mathematics, but most importantly his work on philosophy. His…

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