Still Image Deconstruction: 'The Mummy'

The text is a graphic advertisement for the film The Mummy, probably found on billboards and in magazines of different genres. The image denotes possibly the characters in the film….

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Female power and victimhood in Genesis

A major problem encountered by feminist scholars seeking to ‘redeem’ the Hebrew scriptures from both their undeniable internal patriarchal bias, and the way in which they have been used as…

Narrative Design of Fargo

The 1996 film, Fargo was directed and written by Joel and Ethan Cone. Unlike many films, Fargo was not filmed in a linear pattern; Instead, Fargo was filmed In an…


Thucydides may be said to be one of the most highly regarded and respected historians of all time. His work perhaps having one of the most important influences on the…

Genre and Narrative

The two areas I have decided to look into for my assignment are genre and narrative, firstly I will begin to look at narrative, and the media text I am…

Spiderman by Sam Raimi

Spiderman was directed by Sam Raimi, known as director of such films as The Gift (2000) and The Quick and the Dead (1995). He worked closely with Spiderman creator Stan…

Marxism & Literature

Marx’s primary insight is that our economic being has primacy over our cultural consciousness. Our ideas are neither innate nor revealed but are the product of our social economic activity….

Easy Rider

The late sixties were a strange time for America. The assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, along with the election of Nixon caused feelings of unease within society….

Paper about Narrative Report

The next sin is the NEW which is similar to Jealousy in that they both feel discontent towards someone’s traits, status, abilities or rewards; the only difference is that the…

Theme of Tranformation in The Colour Purple

Transformation, a complete change, is a common thread in literature. Both male and female writers have explored this theme developing the characters, plot and suspense within a piece of written…

Pygmalion and Wide Sargasso Sea

In the works of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea (WSS) it is clear to see that both authors were proficient in their genre field and were…

The Fantasy of the Dark Materials

Fantasy is so widespread in the early literature of every culture- from Egypt, Persia, to Rome and west- that it is impossible to separate it from the greatest fairy tales…

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