Christian Mission to Muslims

Since September 11, the Muslim communities have been under siege by the media and the entire world. We have seen how the miss conceptions of Muslims have spread all over…

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The Black Muslims

HRW 3AMay 18, 2001 Rapper Chuck D of the politically charged group Public Enemy once proclaimed that the Black Man did not land on Plymouth Rock as the white pilgrims…

Arab Muslims

Many people do not quite get the difference between an Arab and Muslim. Some people believe that all Arabs are of the Muslim religion, which is contrary to the truth….


Much can be said about the characteristics of this debate, its causes and the actual and perceived robbers underlying it. In any case, we note that the debate concerning Muslims…

Cultural Diversity Muslims and Arabs

Cultural Diversity Muslims and Arabs Arab Americans and Muslim Americans are often confused as the same subordinate group but are in fact quite different. Many people do not realize that…

Role of Muslims in Technology Advancement

The contributions in the advancement of knowledge by the traditional Islamic institutions of learning (Madrasahs, Maktab, Halqa & Dar-ul-Aloom) are enormous, which have been summed up in Encyclopedia Britannica: “The…

O’ Muslims You Must Know

About The Author1. Brigadier Muhammad Shafi Khan belongs to Rawalakot- Sudhanooti, Distict Poonch of Azad Kashmir. He graduated from PMA and also from Islamia College Railway Road Lahore. As member…

Paper on the discrimination of Muslims

Discrimination has been going on for a long time now against specific people such as African Americans during and before the civil rights movement or . The word discrimination means…

Analysis of Our Lane by Ahmed Ali

Our Lane is a short story which was written before the partition of sub-continent. Short story is a short fiction, condensed and with no sub-plots. This short story is a…

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