Ebonie Quick March 6, 2012 MKTG 4103 Case: Black-eyed Marketing 1. The Black Eyed Peas are a band that appeals the global fans base. Their wide variety fan makes them an ideal candidate to serve as a spokesperson for a product. The type of product they endorse would vary, but also be limited. For example their feel good pop music wouldn’t be used to represent a new drug to treat diabetes. On the other hand their music could be used to endorse entertainment, events, advancement in technology, and other social aspect of our society. . The Blacked Eyed Peas have done very well when it comes to socially engaging a consumer and a product. They bring high energy performances to excite people about a certain brand or product. Brands and product that what to appeal to consumers emotions by cause excitement, interest, or curiosity benefit the most from bands like The Blacked Eyed Peas, and other rock bands. Country artists tend to be about to trigger sadness or happy emotions, those types or artists can be used to endorse more sentimental or serious products. . My target for the concert would be teens and young adults that are energized and like to have fun. The concept of the television would be would a rave in which the Blacked Eyed Peas where rocking out behind a graffiti stage. The audience would be full of live and energy, jumping around while singing the lyrics. The purpose of this ad would be to show young adults that you can be sober and still have fun while listen to your favorite band live. 4. Homecoming 2012 Rock the valley Blacked Eyed Peas edition” They message I would be sending to the students is that the Black Eyed Peas will be in Fort Valley live in concert for homecoming. A pop band will be coming to rock out with us, as well as shake things up from the normal R&B performances. 5. Brands and product that want to take a serious approach in there advertisement wouldn’t use a band such as the Blacked Eyed peas. For example hospitals, funeral, homes, and religious groups that take their brands, services, and products very seriously wouldn’t use a rock band to endorse the.