My word is actually a phrase, my phrase is “sense of humor. ” Sense of humor has a few different meanings I think. The dictionary definition for it is; the trait of appreciating and being able to express the humorous. It means to be able to appreciate, understand, and make your own humorous things. Understanding sarcasm in speaking, funny actions, and catching puns, etc. are some examples of things you need a sense of humor to understand. People’s sense of humor are not usually the same. Your opinions and thoughts create your sense of humor so it depends on your personality.

So there isn’t a specific, exact sense of humor that you just have or don’t have. I think everyone has a sense of humor even if they don’t understand or appreciate someone else’s humor, they have their own with different things that amuse them. In my opinion the most important characteristic that a person should have to be successful in life is a good sense of humor. One might be intelligent, honest and kind but when all goes wrong the best way to tackle with difficulties is approaching to them optimistically.

Especially speaking in terms of personality to get along with others or to break the ice or to hit it off with a new friend or any kind of thing like that. To begin with, the whole existing in the world is a rivalry where really often you are on the weaker side. You can lose your job after years of trying to achieve professional acknowledgement even if you think you’re working as hard as you can or you could fail at an exam before you even got that far. The important thing is never to give up and not to take everything personal.

People who manage to overcome the "being down in the dumps" feeling and get back on to working hard are the ones who succeed. Also, who doesn’t like people that can keep you guessing and laughing? It’s always fun to be around someone that is amusing. If you can amuse your friends, they will always be delighted to spend their time with you which is a personal achievement I think. Another thing is that communication with others will be a lot more fluent. You become more attractive and  to colleagues and friends and you help to ease stressful situations and help others to be less stressed.

Not mentioning that one of the key moments in a love relationship is making your partner laugh as well. A lot of people might say or think that these kind of people cannot approach adequately to a serious situation or crisis and do not have a realistic image of life. But I think that those who claim this should distinguish acting carelessly between acting calmly. Worrying too much will only cause you a headache and you will struggle more until finding the best solution. Having a good sense of humor usually would help keep someone from stressing too quickly or when it won’t do them any good.

It’s a proven fact that panicking in a tough situation is not as helpful or efficient as taking on the problem calmly because you can think things through more thoroughly. These kind of people would usually be best prepared for such situations. I really think that the sense of humor is the most important characteristic one should have in order to be successful, maybe not always business wise but for your personal life for sure. A quote to support that is this; "When life gives you lemons, twist some of the peel into a martini. "