The Computer is one of the wonders of Science. Science has made our lives more enjoyable and has broadened our knowledge. The computer influences our way of living for a variety of reasons.

They have enabled us to do things faster, as well as communicate with people across the globe. The Internet affects us In every way, most importantly with our social lives, our Jobs, and our entertainment. Our social lives are not Just communicating with telephones and mall anymore.Going "on-line" is the new way we Like to communicate with people.

Chat rooms on the Internet are available for people to talk and explore with other people who may live on the other side of the world or on the other side of the street. People can get In touch with relatives or old friends who happen to live over seas more conveniently with computers by simply writing an email. Two seconds to send e-mail to someone on the other side of the world is much quicker than a week or two through the ordinary mail.That also eliminates having to purchase stamps are a necessity for ailing out letter through the post office. For all those times you could not seem to get a hold of someone over the phone, you can use your computer for another way to contact someone.

For people who are confined to wheelchairs, computers give them a chance to experience many things that would not be possible for them otherwise. People today across the world have found that the computer is immensely valuable in relation to their work and the resources would be far more limited without it.Related essay: “How Has Computers Made the World a Global Village”There's not one area of our lives that computers and the Internet have not affected or will not affect. While there are things to watch out for such as viruses and theft, overall most people would agree that the huge advantages that come from computers and the Internet, far out weigh any disadvantages computers may have.

The making of the computer has made our world a global village. There are things we can do now that could have never of been done without a computer.