Will computer replace the role of teacher? BY crosscut's Nowadays, our society is developing at an amazing speed along with science and technology. With the ever-flourishing technology, more and more computers are used in the process of teaching. Students rely on computers for research and make a perfect paper for school purposes. Thus, some people claimed that there will be soon no role for teachers In the classroom.

Computers are tools that can be used equally in all endeavourers. A individualism instruction can be done by computer to meet the personal needs of each student ore effectively than a teacher.Direct instruction from a computer terminal ideally would provide each student with individual attention from a computer with access to vast stores of knowledge, and programmed to emulate the best human teachers with inexhaustible patience. Therefore, it is undeniable that computers have great capacity to contribute to education. However, computers cannot provide the personal Interaction that children need In a learning environment.

Computers cannot nurture a child's natural curiosity to go beyond what Is required the way some teachers can.Exclusive learning through computers will lead to children themselves becoming no more that machines, and the ability to think creatively and act like a human will slowly obsolete. Besides, teachers discern student learning capacity and understanding from a human and emotive viewpoint. As a result, although computers in classroom can provide some things for students that teacher cannot, in the way of an infinite reference and resource tool, they are not warmth, understanding and empathy as a live teacher.

Computer will not take a place to teacher In the future.