Humanities are the way of studying the human body using analytical, critical and speculative means, a human centered inquiry. It started out during the Renaissance who after reading Greek and Roman scriptures, the humanists wanted to revive human-centered thinking. Humanities should be studied because they can help develop leadership and problem solving skills that require imagination. They also give men and women arouse creativity to reform the way they think.

We should study Humanities because; humanities instill in us uncertainty, doubt and ignorance that can be used when confronted with global tensions and politics. By studying the writings of the ancient civilizations and cultures stimulate the passion to do well in the world. It brings the development in problem solving and increase brainpower to solve problems like diplomacy, scientific successes. The leadership and problem solving skills from fixing global warming and create a community that is peaceful because of the deeper understanding of others.

Studying humanities will help people develop skills that will help later in life like politics. By studying humanities, many men and women have changed the way others thought about subjects. The study of humanities in the 17th century resulted in people believing that science can exist and the right to question things against the Church. In the 18th century, it created revolutions because of the thoughts of liberty and equality. By studying humanities you can learn from what people did in the past that can help you make the world or your community better for everyone.

Studying humanities will help a person decide for themselves what is good or bad, what is the meaning of beautiful and what is love? These questions cannot have a definite answer, however it gives you the opportunity to ponder on the meaning of the questions and think on your own. We study humanities to have a look at how cultures in the past express themselves by looking into art history and music history as both art and music have existed for a long time.

To see and listen to the stories from the past that has not been told in years an example would be the creation of folklore. It is studied because it brings ethnic groups together and a flourishing empathy towards others that is necessary to resolve many problems. It helps make us better thinkers because of the thinking process each person learns to go through and what they learn during the process of solving a problem and the idea of reasonable doubt. Humanities are studied for a variety of reasons other than those that are listed above.