Good afternoon judges and audience. My name is Camila Diaz, and I’m the summary speaker. In conclusion, we can say that rap is more than a style of music, is art expressed in every lyric. We don’t have to subject to social prejudices, because we only create a stereotype, only guided by a superficial opinion without knowing the real purpose of this kind of music.

And the purpose is clear and related to the origin: trying to express the social and political reality in which the communities are not heard and with this way, create the conscience, that’s to say, know what is happening with the people. On the other hand, we have that Young people have their established values, because the parents are who give them the tools to form their moral.So, we have that me, Camila Diaz, 17 years old, I’m constantly listening messages around me, if I listen: You have to kill your classmate, you have to take drugs, you have to drink alcohol, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to do that, because I know what is good and what is bad, because my parents give me the values of life, such as all the young people that is here now. It is important to mention, that adding to the fact that rap is a tool to bring a message to the masses, exist the Christian rap which guide to the society toward the good. The truth is having a mission in life, the truth is climbing step after step, is to distinguish between good and evil in every decision and the truth is only known if we apologize" phrase of a song by Frank T, a famous rapper.

Finally, so are we going to continue with the blindness judging a music that only wants to express art? Or are we going to open our eyes, and see the real purpose of this genre? I accept the rap because I can see the truth, my team can see the truth and you? Thank you-