An organisation Structure is merely an agreement of undertaking and people to guarantee that the work of the organisation gets done and the organisations ends are achieved. It involves spliting undertakings into sub-tasks, delegating duty and authorization for these sub undertakings to different persons, and so organizing these subtasks. An organisational construction does non be for its ain interest.

It is a device for easing the executing of the organisation 's scheme and the accomplishment of its ends.There are many types of loaning procedure of DFCC bank. The bank has determination to supply loan for client. In DFCC vardanaBank, they have put a name as VardanaSandella.

Its a lodging loan system.VardanaSandella is an attractive and flexible lodging strategy that can do Customers woolgather a world. At DFCC Varadana bank obtaining a lodging loan is simple, fast and stress free. This lodging loan system is particular because it is minimal certifications, flexible bundles and most attractive rates of involvement in town ; DFCC Vardana Bank has introduced a instruction loan as `` DFCC VardanaNenasa Educational loan '' .

They fulfill client 's aspiration with a vardana educational loan. They offer a loan strategy for both undergraduate and postgraduate surveies. And DFCC vardana bank offers the ability to use the true value of clients gold for pressing hard currency demands.Read Also: 

com/organizational-structure-and-culture-at-wl-gore-associates/">WL Gore Organizational Structure

Business banking

Business banking agencies, it merely deals with concerns. This provides concern loans, recognition, nest eggs and look intoing histories for companies. In DFCC Vardana bank they understand the rivals that a company face in turning their business.DFCCVardana bank provides solutions to accommodate their fortunes.


Current Histories

DFCC Vardana current history helps add value to the concern operations. The clients can publish cheques.current history can besides bask the benefits of overdraft installations.

Savingss history.

Mega fillip nest eggs histories have provided some of the highest involvement rates. Initial minimal sedimentation of Rs.

1000.the Interest rate is calculated day-to-day and credited monthly.

Deposit Histories

At DFCC Vardana bank the client is ever particular. The minimal sedimentation of Rs.1000.

in fixed lodge the inters rates are negotiable for high value sedimentations.

Human resource direction.

Department of human resource is responsible for all processs relate to use in dfcc.the Human resource Procedure of DFCC bank is.RecruitmentIdentify & A ; choice complement employeesChoiceHuman resource planningDecruitmentSupply employeesTrainingOrientationRetain competent & A ; high acting employeeCareer developmentCompensation & A ; benefitsPerformance direction

Geographic departmentalization

DFCCBank is spread over a broad country in srilanka.This may happen advantages in forming along geographic lines.

DFCC Vardana bank has geographically departmentalized as follows.Regional ManagerNorthern eastern partCardinal partNorth partSouthern partColombo metropolitan partColombo south Region

Chain of Command

The concatenation of bid refers to the ladder of authorization relationships which links top direction to the lowest employees. It is the flow of authorization in a hierarchal organisation.Chief executive officerPresidentVISE PRESIDENTDirectorSENIOR MANAGERTreasurerAccountants AND ReportCREADIT ADMINISTRATIONSellingHUMAN RESOURCE

Span of control

The span of control refers to subsidiaries instantly describing to a superior functionary. DFCC Varanda bank has a narrow span of control.ithas a closer supervising and a better control ; better coordination of subsidiary 's activity.

DFCC varadana bank has several degrees in the organisational hierarchy. Every superior can oversee a limited figure of subsidiaries. Every higher-up should be assigned or a given authorization to manage merely few subsidiaries.The director assigns duty or gives the subsidiary a occupation to make. Along with this, the director gives the subsidiary the authorization to make the occupation.


Centralization is a procedure where the concentration of determination devising is in few custodies. DFCC Vardana bank is sing the constitution of a partly centralised system. They may profitability concentrate on their ain conditions. All topics and actions of the lower degree are capable to the blessing of the top direction. Under centralisation the of import key determinations are taken by the top direction and the other degrees. The centralisation operations in DFCC Vardana bank is as follows.

ProcessingQualityControlLiabilitiesaccount gapsAssetss account apparatusRecognition maintainedPersonal loansOperational excellenceService QualityUAT ( Pan bank )Unit of measurement based costing.Operational hazard directionOperational controlBranch controlKey hazard controlHistories control


Decentralized systems are of course happening to every DFCC Vardana banking system the decentalisation is assumed under the non-existence or limited intervention of fiscal establishment or authorities governments which support limited ordinances presuure on DFCC Bank activities.

Advantages of decentalisation

It speeds up operational determinations by enabling line units to take local action.It focuses attending onto of import cost and net income centres within the entire banking.

It prevents top direction overload by liberating them from many operational determinations.

Disadvantages of decentalisation

Duplicate of placesCreation of local power centres.


The grade to which organisation standalize behaviour through regulations processs. Formalization additions as houses get older, larger and more regulated. DFCC Vardana bank is a formalistic bank. Formalization in DFCC Vardana bank can cut down the emphasis of seeking to construct relationship between participants and functions.

Structure of sampath Bank

Vision of sampath Bank

`` The turning force in srilanka fiscal services '' .

Valuess of sampath Bank

Make a learning civilization that promotes single and organisational development every bit good asPromoting invention and value for clients.Treat all internal and external clients the manner we would wish to be treated.Open to feedback and show an eagernessfor personal development.Encourage and promote teamwork in all aspectsof behaviour.


Functional departmentalization.


Sampath sevana free lodging loans with speedy and efficient service. This lodging loan enables the client to buy a house, Construct a house and etc.sampath bank offers really best renting trades in town.

This offers financing up to 100 % quick, flexible ; A ; hassle free service.sampath bank offer loans to CIMA, SLIM, IPM, IT and RIC pupils every bit good.

Business banking

Sampath bank has introduced a banking method as `` sampath vishwa '' .this system is a alone cyberspace banking installation. This offers a entire online banking experience.

sampath vishwa is a complete online procedure that fits in to busy life style of the clients. Internet banking has become easier and more convenient than of all time before at samapth cyberspace. Samapth net offers the most client friendly fiscal services via cyberspace.

Histories and finance

Current historySampath current history is an express current history with an extremist velocity cheqe uncluttering system.this sampath current history cheuqe has become the most preferable manner of payment.Savingss accountThe salvaging history in the economy class which offers up to 50 % .bonous on involvement monthly.this salvaging history named as `` Sampath Double S ''

Centralization and decentalisation