Choose a grade level to examine more closely, and choose a standard within the chosen grade level. Develop at least two additional activities to address the standard for a beginning learner, an intermediate learner, and an advanced learner using the chart as a guide. Create a lesson plan outline that describes the delivery of the activities in a classroom for each ELL proficiency level (beginning, intermediate, advanced) and how the activities/standards will be assessed. Include the standard and the ArizonaAcademic Standard that is being addressed.

If your state is a member of WIDE, Include the WIDE standard addressed by the lesson. Submit the Proficiency Standards Lesson Plan Outline. As you well know, college is a dream for parents and students alike. It marks the end of child and the beginning f adulthood as the student takes on adult responsibilities and makes their own choices. This article was designed to help you make the right choices for your college experience and to get the most out of your college years.Related essay: “Outline Process for developing Nursing Standards of Practice”