Although Microsoft's Oxbow is has enjoyed owning the the market share as the top dog for the last several years with its first and second generation platforms, Sonny's Palpitations 4 has seen record sales across the United States and Canada and over the last quarter has taken he lead with its next generation console, selling its five millionth console as of February 18, 2014, according to Rich Jennings of Computerized magazine. With news that gaming consoles are in high demand, the development of next generation games is important to keep up with the supply and demand of fantastic games.

This is why my choice product is a Simi-game which markets to both China and India called, "The Early Empire. " Simulation games (Simi-game) focus on the management and development of environments rather than a character. The Simi-game brings to life the ability for the gamer to become apart of the game. With "The Early Empire," our marketing strategy would be to appeal to the youths of both China and India with a concentration to the historical history of their country. By putting the youth in charge of their country and running their own empire, they would get the feel of what it was like to rule back in an earlier generation.

Although the game would be focused on building up the empire, it would also be educational as well, with a focus on agriculture products to help build the country wealth, architectural design to build defense against opposing enemies and leadership and decision making on how to run the country. With our plan we would need to take into consideration six macro-environmental concepts; Political/Legal, Demographic, Economic, Ecological/Professional, Technology, and Culture and Social. Each has a unique take into our market plan.Political and legal would concentrate on any potential bills to bar our key concepts of the game. Demographic allows the company to clearly identify our targeted customer.

Economic keys on how much we should charge and the effect of the economy in each country. Ecological and professional simply implies that we are being "green" in our developmental plans of the game. Technology would allow our team to identify how the new and, "rapid technology changes influence all industries (Rice, 2010). " Finally, looking at culture and social trends to help in our marketing campaign.By clearly identifying these key components, our marketing plan will significantly improve our path to success for the youths in China and India. "The micro environmental factors that shape your audience's needs are closely related to a person's general lifestyle and are gathered by using primary, firsthand research tools like online surveys of site visitors (Breaking's, Ideologue, 2013).

" To ensure we identify our micro environmental needs, we would need to take a look at cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors.Each of the represents a key component in the decision making for our product in the overseas market. As gaming consoles continue to develop the is a growing need for companies to develop games that both capture the imagination and what my son calls, "kicks ass. " By bringing the youths of China and India a game that puts them in control of their empire of their country allows them to educate and dominate. It is a similar concept in the additive Sims games of the last decade.