A web design storyboard is the process of making a rough outline of what your web site will Include before It Is actually created. It can be used to organize thoughts and content. A Business Storyboard may Include: 1. Mall Page or Index Think of this page as the "cover to your book" Inviting viewers to enter your site. Our goal should be to make it colorful and eye catching. Your company logo, name and a rife description of your company may go here.

2.About us Think of this page as chapter "one" of your "book". Your company profile or a more in-depth description of your company is described here. Additional pages can spring from this page such as: page * Credentials page * About Our Employees - individual biographies page(s) Testimonials Page * Company Awards Page A customer serviced page with hyperlinks 3.

Services Offered Chapter "two" page of your web site * Company History * Customer Again, additional pages can spring off of this page to describe your services in more depth. . Products Offered Chapter "three" page of your site This page will describe in detail the products your company offers. Again, additional pages can be linked from this page to describe your products in more depth. 5.

FAQ Chapter "four" of your site List any frequently asked questions about your company and the answers. 6. Contact Us Chapter "five" of your site This page should list your address, phone number, e-mail address, hours of business, etc.Mini pages could spring from this page to include: * Company Directory of Individual employees / title work extension and e-mail address page.

* An information request form page. * A Directions page 7. Site Map Chapter "six" of your site. This important page Is similar to a Table of Contents except it is made up of hyperlinks to each page of your site.