" "Do you really care who is president? Do you want the right one? If
so then pick the only logical choice George W. Bush for president. Why do
I think he is the "winner"? Great question here's why: 1.) His views on
strengthening our military.

2.) His views on abortion. 3.) His plans to
make sure your children get a good education. 4.) His support pertaining
to transportation for the disabled.

Do you want to feel safe in your own country ? George W. Bush's plan
on strengthening our military is brilliantly assembled of somewhat easy to
perform tasks to effortlessly make our armed forces stronger and better
able to defend our country. He plans on having the Secretary of Defense to
make a plan, so we know for sure we are spending the money we have
designated to pay for better housing, pay, and equipment to our soldiers so
they can do there job to the best of there ability. He also proposes a
missile defense system as did his father in The State of the Union Address
in 1991. It basically says that if Russia was to set off a nuclear
missile, accidentally or otherwise, the U.S.

would have GPALS (global
protection against
limited strikes). GPALS envisioned 750 ground-based interceptors using
"brilliant pebbles" technology, which would fire thousands of pieces of
metal at an incoming warhead, like buckshot in space. If you want a
stronger military, vote George W. Bush.

Do you believe in Abortion? Do you feel strongly about adoption as
an alternative to terminating your pregnancy? George W. Bush feels that
Abortion is morally wrong. Although he doesn't plan on banning it, his
goal is to reduce the number of abortions and instead promote adoption.Why not give someone who can't have a baby the chance to be a mother to a
baby that needs one. He will, however, ban partial-birth abortions. Since
the drug RU-486 passed FDA regulations he cannot ban it, but he feels
strongly that it is very wrong.

If you think abortion is wrong and more
adoptions are the answer, vote George W. Bush.Do you want your child to get a great education? Do you feel the
government has to much say-so in your state and community schools? George
W. Bush feels every child has a right to a good education. He will reduce
class size and give you the parents more say-so over the schools.

believes that no student should graduate school and be illiterate. He will
issue vouchers so that it will be possible for the parent to choose whether
their child can attend public or private schools. He will test our
teachers to make sure they are capable to teach your children.He will
test your children to make sure that your school's curriculum is compatible
with other school's curriculum throughout the nation.If you want a
quality education for your children, or children in general, vote George W.Bush.

Are you or someone in your family dealing with a disability? George
W. Bush will give $145 million dollars over the next five years to
transportation for people with disabilities. He will fund a pilot program
designating $45 million dollars for 10 pilot programs run by state or local
governments in regional, urban, and rural areas. The selected pilot
programs will be given 1.5 million a year for three years directed toward
the developing of new
resourceful transportation plans to better serve the disabled community.

you are struggling with a disability and want a better transportation
vote George W. Bush.Do you agree with George W. Bush's ideas? Do you, know as well as I
do, that he is the right man for the job? Then why are you still reading?
Go and vote! Hurry it's almost to late to make your voice heard.

George W. Bush for your President in 2000.