It has been a long time, that man has found an Increasing need to be organized. Such organization result Into community and society from leaders emerged. Different means and method are employed in the selection of leaders. The 20th century has witnessed a spectacular steady stream of technological advancement in completing both hardware and software, and as a result of it is used in many field.

No doubt, the advent of computer with its advantage of exceptional fast processing speed of tiring, retrieving of data have made computer usage and most in some field especially in the area where large records has to be passed. So therefore electoral process is therefore not an exception This is how election has been taken place in Sun State Polytechnic in the past. Student union government is always run manually that is where all the present election, there are multiple voting, there Is no adequate led to the Inventing of the computerized voting system, which will be used ;n student unto government election. The purpose of this project is to develop on interactive software package using basic to automate the voting system of the student union government of Sun State Polytechnic (SPOOL) free and to achieve the following objective. I.

To register the data of all voters and candidate t. To produce password for each voter iii.To present the election result in a time. ;v. To remove on unnecessary duplication 1.

4 AIM AND OBJECTIVE OF STUDY 1. The system should be decorate In nature that Is, It should permit only eligible that each eligible voters to vote (eligibility) and it should ensure that each eligible voter can vote only once. 2. There should be accuracy in the functional system I.

E the system functionalist should ensure that nobody can modify the result of the voting by laminating a valid vote or counting an invalid vote in the final tally. The system should allow a variety of ballot formats and it should be customized to the specific characteristics of the voting process I. E there must be flexibility. 4. The system should not pose any restriction on the location from which a voter can cast a vote I. E mobility.

The project has contributed to the society In order to achieve the following 1. Contributes to the knowledge of the society In the sense that It make them to know hat computer can store many data and the act of retuning the data. The project work covers the following are . It serves all the total number of student in Sun State Polytechnics it.

The database of all eligible voters iii. It contains all the address of all the candidate and all the voters. It contains The project does not cover areas like giving access to the lectures and the non teaching staff to vote and it cannot be accessed via internet.