Avoidance is the world's largest mobile telecommunications community, employing over 65,000 staff and with over 130 million customers.

The business operates in 26 countries worldwide. Avoidance, the worlds leading international mobile communications company, has fully arrived in India. The Avoidance brand was launched in India on 21st September, 2007. The popular and endearing brand, Hutch, was transitioned to Avoidance across India.

That marked a significant chapter in the evolution of Avoidance as a dynamic and ever-growing brand.The brand was unveiled nationally through a high profile naming covering all important media. Avoidance, the worlds leading mobile telecommunication company, had completed the acquisition of Hutchison Cesar in May 2007 and the company was formally renamed Avoidance Cesar in July 2007. The Avoidance mission is to be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world В±enriching customers lives, helping individuals, businesses and communities be more connected by delivering their total communication needs.Avoidance's logo is a true representation of that belief -The start of a new conversation, a trigger, a catalyst, a mark of true pioneering. Field : Marketing in Avoidance Ethical factors in marketing: Marketing ethics deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing.

Possible fundamental frameworks of analysis for marketing audit are: ; Value-oriented framework, ethical problems on the basis of the values which they infringe e. G. Honesty, autonomy, privacy, transparency. Stakeholder-orientated framework , analyzing ethical problems on the basis of whom they affect e. G. Consumers, competitors, society as a whole ; Process-orientated framework, analyzing ethical problems in terms of the categories used by marketing specialists .

G. Research, price, promotion, placement Specific issues in marketing ethics: Market research: ethical danger points in marketing research include: - Invasion of privacy - Stereotyping Market audience: ethical danger points include - targeting the vulnerable e. G. Hillier, the elderly - Excluding potential customers from the market: selective marketing is used to discourage demand from undesirable market sectors or disenfranchise them altogether. Pricing ethics: list of unethical pricing practice: - Price fixing - Price skimming - Price discrimination - Price wars - Bid rigging - Dumping Advertising and promotion: ethical pitfall: - Issues over truth and honesty - Issues with violence, sex and profanity - Taste and controversy - Negative advertising Key points in marketing: * Each party in a marketing transaction brings expectations regarding how the business relationship will exist.

For example, if a consumer wishes to make a purchase from a retailer, their expectations include wanting to be treated fairly by the salesperson and wanting to pay a reasonable price. * Ethical marketing decisions and efforts should meet and suit the needs of customers, suppliers, and business partners. Unethical behavior such as price wars, selective advertising, and deceptive marketing can negatively impact a company's relationships. Recent trends show that consumers prefer ethical companies.

As a result ethics itself is a selling point or a component of a corporate image. Ethical issues in marketing: Ethical problems in marketing stem from conflicts and disagreements. Each party in a marketing transaction brings a set of expectations regarding how the business relationship will exist and how transactions should be conducted. Each facet of marketing has ethical danger points.