Violation Of Human Rights Vs. The Book Night Throughout history we have studied and learned about different people and places that have gone through serious hardships. Some people wrote books about their terrible experience. However, others we have just read about in newspaper articles, seen in movies or even studied in a school textbooks.

The book Night is about a Hungarian Jewish teenager who is captured by the Nazi's along with his father and many other Jews.They are being tortured in many ways such as being beaten,stripped, shaved, starved and also having to do slave work. They were being treated as if they were not human. As a matter of fact to the Nazi's they weren't human, they were practically garbage and it did not matter what had happened to them. The Nazi's had turned them into different people.

It was as if they did not have family members because they only cared about personal survival.Also I think that it took the faith that the Jews had away from them which left them no other choice but to be hopeless. Since the Holocaust took place there were other incidents that has occured in other countries where human rights were violated. In Libya people have been treated cruely and have had no rights for years. Libya has not had fair human rights since 1984. Recently in June of 1997, the head of the state decided on punished people if the head of the state was not informed of family members.

The things that are taking place are violating the International Human Rights treaties. There were reports on people being tortured executed or even supposedly disappearing.In Libya they are treated as if they are not human and they have to obey absurd rules that have nothing to do with keeping a country in order. Keeping a country or state in order should be the main idea not torturing everyone. I think that what is happening in Libya and the Holocaust are almost exactly alike.

The Holocaust was all about concentration camps and ways of torture and thats exactly how the people of Libya are being treated. The people of Libya are not being treated like humans and are not being respected the way every person deserves to be.The Holocaust I feel was about discrimination because the Nazi's did not like the Jews and they were persecuting them because they were Jewish and that is wrong. Both situations are wrong because they take the faith and hope out of the people and the people feel as if they are inhuman and it is horrible to hear about that happening because no one deserves such cruelty. I think the reason as to why these things occur is because after the Holocaust had taken place people heard about it and got ideas.

They think having power is everything. Power isn't all that great when you are taking the life out of everyone.This book and reading about Libya should be an example for everyone to learn : Hurting, killing and treating people cruely is not something that gives you power it makes you a horrible person. Book Reports.