It is important to see both sides of this issue. It is important to see how much children need to know owe to use the technology and how it can help their learning process. The Issue Some teachers do not like to use technology in their classroom. This is because they can sometimes be difficult to set up. Some teachers are also set in their old fashioned ways and do not want to utilize the technology.

There are many things that the technology can be helpful with, but some people do not think that students should use them as much as they do now.It is important for the students to learn how to using the technology they face daily. The Arguments Not Using Technology in Schools There are many reason why teachers and schools are not using technology in the classrooms. There are also many people that are against using any type of technology in schools. Julia Klaus (2001-2014) stated in her article Negative Effect of Using Technology in Today's Classrooms, some negatives in using technology.

Some of these issues are technical problems that can take away from class time and some students no knowing how to use the technology.She also talked about how the technology can be over used and the children many not have enough hands-on- time (Klaus, 001-2014). There are other issues that are standing in the way of using new technology in the classroom. In Justine Bole's (2013) article Technology in the Classroom? He stated one of the problems is the schools not having good enough internet speed for the teachers to use the online resources, and some school corporations do not having enough money for a technical coordinator(2013).Some other reasons that are brought up in this article are teachers are stuck in their old ways and do not want to take the time to integrate the new technology into the lassoer, the parents do not want the children using computers all day long at school, and some schools may find it difficult to restrict content on the devices (Bayle, 2013). Some of these reasons for not using technology in the school can cause a big problem, but having uneducated children in the future can be an even bigger problem.

Using Technology in Schools As society leans more and more on technology it is important for the youth to know how to use these technologies to the best of their abilities, and to be comfortable using them. To do this it is important for them to start using technology, in moderation, early. With all of the educational game, APS and websites it would be injudicious to not use these resources to educate the youth. The article School struggle to adapt to using classroom technology (2014) listed some reasons for using technology in the classroom.

Using the old methods of lecture and chalkboard format just does not work anymore, because the children cannot stay focused and they get bored easily. This article also talked about how teaching the children in the way that hey world works now is a lot more beneficial than teaching them in an old fashioned way (Schools struggle to adapt to using classroom technology, 2014). This way they can connect their schooling to their outside lives and they will not be too completely separate things.The technologies are helping the student participate more in class by using clickers to answer questions and do polls in real-time (Schools Struggle to Adapt to Using Classroom Technology, 2014). This is helping there to be more discussion between the students and not Just the teacher talking.

Having the student ark together to answer the questions greatly prepares them for future Jobs where they have to work with a team of people to get the Job done (Schools struggle to adapt to using classroom technology, 2014. ).Another big quality that employers look for in employs now is being able to type accurately and quickly, the early that they learn this skill the more skilled they can be at it. In the article Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students (n. D. ) it is discussed how the students are activity making a lot of choices about how the technology is being used and what kind of exults they are getting from the device.

It also stated that more students are learning because if they are all on computer they are each learning at their own pace and each activity can be customized for that student (Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students, n. . ). Another thing that using the technology can offer is more motivation for the students (Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students, n. D. ).

Many learning games and software have positive reinforcements after correct answers and maybe even a prize at the end. One of the other big reasons technology an help is by connecting the teachers to the parent's easier than before; many of the programs can be set up to send a report to an email that can be set up to connect to a parents email along with the teachers.All of these reasons show how important and beneficial using technology from preschool to college classrooms. Conclusion All in all using technology in the classroom can be very beneficial to the teachers and the students.

The teachers can have a more open line of communication to the parents and the parents know more about what is going on during class time. One of the other benefits is that the students will learn how to use computer to help them during school projects in the future.