As emails are effectively part of the internet, the mail can be exchanged with most national and international networks. As well as using text, images and videos can be sent via email also. Text messaging is a written message sent by a mobile phone. The messaging service over the years has expanded, and now allows for videos, images and sound content to be sent via this method. 1. 2 Describe different features of electronic message systems Emails are more useful in a business environment as they allow the sending of files, Images, videos and an unlimited length of text.

If sending personal or sensitive files, then it is possible to encrypt these files. Email is also useful as it can be used as evidence as to the content of conversations between work colleagues when delegating/discussing work. 1. 3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date Keeping the email system up to date is essential. It is important to respond to emails in a timely manner as this will avoid a potential breakdown in communication between parties.

It is also vital to delete unwanted mall as failure to do so can lead to a user's mailbox becoming full, thus not being able to receive Important incoming emails. 1. 4 Describe how to use an electronic message system to check and delete or discard messages If I need to delete an email, I would first log in to my emails. After doing this, I would select the email I wish to delete, and depending on the email system I am using, I would either right click the email and click delete, or check the box next to the email and then click on the 'X' or delete button on screen.After doing this, I would o to the 'deleted items' section on my emails, and then click 'empty deleted items'. If I deleted an item by mistake, I would be able to look in the deleted items folder, and then 'restore item to Inbox' to retrieve the Item.

1. 5 Explain the purpose of leaving clear messages for others Leaving a clear message Is Important to avoid any errors being made through . If a message Is not clear, this could lead to tasks being carried out Incorrectly or even not being carried out at all. If a clear message.