------------------------------------------------- USB flash drive Definition: USB flash drives are compact file storage devices to save your information externally. Flash drives are about the size of a disposable lighter and can be conveniently worn around your neck or attached to your keychain. The end of the flash drive is inserted into the USB port on the computer. Once attached to the computer, they operate in much the same way as floppy drives, but have capacities currently in the range of up to 2 gigabytes.

Pen drives, or USB--based technology thumb drives, have become the most popular data storage media devices for working professionals, students, academicians and independent tech consultants. Lightweight, small and easy to carry from place to place, a pen drive easily fits into a pocket or a wallet. Pen drives now available in multiple capacities, ranging from 512 MB to 32 GB, are used to store documents, photos, files, music videos and more. All read/write speed values are displayed in MB/Sec. Store Files A 4 GB or 8 GB pen drive can be used to store basic documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentation and spreadsheets. 16 GB or 32 GB pen drives can be used to store high-capacity files such as videos, TV episodes and even movies. Transfer Files * Word documents, PDF files, presentations, photos and other files saved on a computer can be easily transferred or downloaded onto to a pen drive. Similarly, files can be transferred from a pen drive to a PC or laptop. Portable Devices * Independent technical consultants and PC technicians can use pen drives as portable work devices.

They can store important files, utilities tools and programs in pen drives, and transfer them to another workstation or work site elsewhere. Working professionals can transfer their presentations and other important files stored on their hard drives to pen drives and take them elsewhere. Back-Up Devices * As almost all brand pen drives are password protected, they can also be used as effective back-up storage devices. Important personal information such as medical history, critical family information, important contacts, old family photographs, etc. can be stored in pen drives. Promotional Items * Many companies are now using pen drives to sell promotional material, marketing communication content and other sales literature. The ease with which pen drives can be customized and imprinted with company logos, pictures and images makes them effectivee promotional items. A USB Pen drive is a data storage device that contains flash memory with a combined Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. USB Pen drives are naturally changeable and rewritable, and physically much lesser than a floppy disk.

We can use USB pens easily to plug it into the USB port of your computer and lookout the system automatically identifies the new device. You can stare at your system drive; a new drive has been produced. The operating system can communicate with your USB Pen Drive just like any ordinary Hard Disk Drive. The USB Pen Drive is dust-proof and shock-proof and contemplating a mere 21 grams, it needs no batteries, has no touching parts and is presented in range of volumes from 32 mega byte to a massive 1 giga byte.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and it is a 'standard' organized by the computer manufacturing to agree a vast amount of different devices to be easily involved to one machine with the minimum condition for further drivers and software and still work at an effective speed. Many firms within the UK use Persuasive USB pens as little enticements to customers of old and new. The hint of giving out Promotional USB pen drives is to offer customers with something that they can use that has your company logo upon it. A collection of Promotional pen drives can be given out to clients it all depends on how current you want them to be.

General items of Promotional USB pen drives have been pens with messages printed upon them. Give your fixed customers Promotional USB flash drives like printed pens and they will have an thing they can use on a regular basis that has your name inscribed upon it. Moreover, give Promotional USB drives to prospective new clients and they will be capable to deliver your company brand inside their business premises. Each time they use an USB pen that has been given to them by you, your goods will be floating through their minds and your company will be leading in their thoughts. For more information visit http://www. global-emarketing. com .