Due to this interest and good support from my teachers, I was able to finish my 2-jinni and Extension-I Math HAS in Year 11 with Band 6 in both. Least Favorite Subjects: Nil 3. What work experience, paid work or voluntary work did you undertake while at school and/or at university? Work Experience in Aged Care, career at Adventist Aged Care in Kings Langley.

4. Have you studied at University, TAFT or College, since leaving school? If so, what courses and where? Have you done any work since leaving school? No; still finishing HAS year at high school. . Tell us about your interests, hobbies or sports.Any special achievements in these areas? What languages, other than English, do you speak fluently and in what settings? Interests/ Hobbies - Book Reading, Watching movies, Music (l have learnt Indian Classical for past 7 years and have participated in multiple cultural competitions as a solo singer, achieving first place in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 and second in 2007 and 2010).

Sports- I enjoy many sports and have proudly represented my school through the Grade Basketball Team in Years 10 and 11 and was also part f the Sydney West Knockout Table tennis team from 2010 to 2013.Outside school, I have developed my talents in tennis and swimming through my local club and look forward to participating in competitions once I have completed my HAS and if my back allows me. Throughout my schooling years, I have been fortunate enough to attend schools in India, Dublin and Oman before finally settling in Australia. These experiences have given me an opportunity to develop a fluency in Hindi and Punjabi which I use in cultural functions and activities, family parties and in my overseas rips to India.I am confident to use this skill to work as an interpreter to help non- English speaking migrants. 6.

What are your main reasons for wanting to study Medicine and why would you like to undertake Medicine at NUNS? Having a firsthand experience of observing my close friend falling sick because of an asthmatic attack and getting better after medical intervention by the attending doctor initially attracted my attention towards medical profession. The sense of satisfaction which doctors get by looking at the smile on their patient's face in addition to gratitude in tangent's eyes has generated my interest in medicine.Over the period of time I have become increasingly curious to find out about human body functioning, the effect of ageing and various diseases on body and how different medications work, which I believe I can achieve by pursuing my further studies in Medicine. 7. What personal characteristics do you think doctors should have? In my opinion, doctors should have the following characteristics: * Passion, enthusiasm and optimism * Humanist qualities such as honesty, loyalty and empathy towards their patients.Professional qualities such as self-control, self-awareness, initiative and an ability to deal with ambiguity.

* Good sense of humor * An interest and commitment to continuous improvement. 8. For you, which two of these characteristics are the most important, and why? Although all these qualities are of critical importance in the medical profession, I believe that the two most important ones are a passion and enthusiasm towards the profession as well as a good sense of humor. Firstly, without a genuine interest, one cannot excel in this profession and as a result will not be able to deliver his potential.Also, an ability to be optimistic and lighten the atmosphere in stressful situations through good humor is helpful towards elevating the mood of the patient as well as other members of the medical team. 9.

Please nominate one other person (apart from a family member) whom we may be able to contact for further comment, if we consider this necessary. Please include name and contact details. (This person does not have to be an academic, or from your school). 10. Optional Closing Statement (Is there anything else you might like to add? )