The refocus ushered in a strategy fueled by technology, innovation, global markets, and stronger customer ties. Beth Comatose CEO Jeff Melt issued a mandate that marketing should be a vital operating function across GE GE marketing framework -3 D : Principles ,People, Process 1 . Principles Go-to -Market ( Commercial Essentials) 2. People Divided into Four Groups The Instigator To challenge the status quo, look for new ways of doing things. The Innovator Innovation with products, services. (solutions on untested ideas) The IntegratorBuilding bridges between the company and the market.

The Implementer Executing on ideas. 3. Process Including very specific measures for grading performance. The Key Parts of a Marketing Engine- GE Gee's Marketing DNA Gee's culture - Technological innovation (the historical backbone of GE) Commercial innovation (Deep consideration for the customer's needs and wants) 4 Capabilities that constitute Gee's organizational platform for innovation Capability 1: Create Marketing Innovation Internally A big feeder of Gee's marketing innovation is the CYCLE 2002-The ray Post MBA ProgramExperienced Commercial Leadership Program-?Gee's first externally focused leadership program.

Develops a pipeline of future leaders "The best marketers are the ones who have both the creativity and analytical skills in the right proportion. " Capability 2: Integrate Collaboratively Within GE 2 key Parts -?the Commercial Council & the Imagination Breakthrough Process. ; The Commercial Council -is Team of Top marketing and sales leaders from across GE. Meets regularly to share best practices and to plan growth programs. Successful arresters need to be good at conveying their ideas to the team and proving their ideas to others . " ; Imagination Breakthrough Process - Link of Gee's technological genius with its emerging commercial capability to serve new markets, new segments, and new customers.

Fosters cross-company talent and cross-disciplinary engagement to integrates its collective talent across functions to forge unique solutions. Capability 3: Collaborate with the Customer - "stickiness" of Gee's with customers. ; The strategy -Gee's value it's clients- Two approaches lie at the heart of this capability.The Differential Value Proposition (DVD) System combines software, data, and processes to foster conversations . "If you had $1 M of Gee's money, how would you spend it to best impact your business? " "mapping out "promises" that GE will execute over a given time frame and a monetary value that these promises will deliver to the client.

Knowledge management -harness the data that exists, intuit and feed them data back that's going to make them even smarter. " ; Access GE, a web-based portal Allows all GE customers to tap into Gee's unique insights, tools, and best practices.The Access GE team is composed of internal experts at GE who help customers tackle their biggest business challenges. Capability 4: Collaborate with Entrepreneurs ; Through contests, GE casts a wide net for new business ideas by offering large cash prizes and new business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

; Ireland-based FMC-Tech, a smart grid technology company, won Gee's 2010 communication Challenge. GE and its venture capital partners invested $MM in FMC-Tech to quickly commercialism its unique technology-?real-time power line monitoring that improves utility distribution automation systems.FMC-Tech's solutions provide utilities with a new level of grid intelligence through real-time information on power outages, dynamic power line capacity ratings, and assistance for maintenance and repair crews. FMC-Tech's impressive on-the-ground success ,prompted Gee's acquisition of the company in late 2011. FMC-Tech's expertise in online power management seamlessly complements Gee's expertise; its integration into Gee's portfolio will allow GE to drive faster technology developments and to offer broader-based utility solutions.