Great Britain
Which nation helped the United States invade Iraq in 2003?
the US declared a "war on terror."
As a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001,
caused the Taliban's government to fall quickly.
The invasion of Afghanistan by American troops
a violent insurgency fought US troops.
Following the invasion, as the United States struggled to impose law and order in Iraq,
the nation elected a new government.

Following the war in Iraq,
develop weapons of mass destruction.
President Bush argued that the so-called "axis of evil" had shown a willingness to
suicide bombings
What tactic did Taliban fighters use to reassert control of some areas of Afghanistan?
The US military trained them.
How did the US military interact with Afghanistan's military forces during the war in Afghanistan?
Coalition air strikes caused civilian casualties.
After the US-led invasion, why did some Afghan people turn against the United States?
Family structures are changing, but families remain important to American life.
Which statement best summarizes family life in the United States today?
a larger share of the population than ever before.

Because of the baby boom, senior citizens make up
older, more culturally diverse, a bigger income gap between classes
Which phrases best summarize the US population in the twenty-first century?
health insurance.
The oldest members of the baby boom generation have begun relying on Medicare for
affordable homes
Which factor drew many Americans to the suburbs?
one in two marriages
Approximately how many American marriages end in divorce?
lose its majority status.
By 2050, it is likely that the white population of the United States will
People cannot agree on how to treat illegal immigrants.
Which statement best describes illegal immigration to the United States today?
more diverse.
Immigration changes the US population by making it
rising life expectancy
Which trend contributes to the long-term impact of the US baby boom?
Food stamps are government-issued coupons that recipients exchange for food.

Poverty rate is the percentage of people who live in households with income below the official poverty line.
poverty threshold
Please select the word from the list that best fits the definitionthe income level below which income is insufficient to support a family or a household
How has the distribution of income in the United States changed over the last 20 years?a. It has become more equal.b. It has become less equal.c.

It became more equal for about 10 years but has become less equal.d. It has not changed appreciably.

Poverty threshold is an income level above which income is insufficient to support families or households.

The income level below which income is insufficient to support a family or household is:a. the Lorenz Paradoxc. poverty rateb. the Lorenz Curved.

poverty threshold

The increase in single parent families living below the poverty level has been theorized by some critics to be a direct result of the sharp increase in the divorce rate.
Which of the following people is most likely to be classified as "working poor"?a. Dolores, who has an advanced degree and works 40 hours a weekb. Jason, who is working part time as a construction worker so he can devote time to starting up a real estate businessc. Jim, who is a full-time student with a work study job in the college libraryd.

Carol, a single mother who works 35 hours a week at a job that pays slightly above minimum wage

Which of the following is a cause of poverty?a. lack of educationc. shifts in family structureb. racial and gender discriminationd. all of the above
The poverty rate is the percentage of people who live in households with income below the poverty level.
The poverty threshold, or poverty line, varies according to what?a.

the censusc. the size of the familyb. nationwide income averagesd. the inflation rate

Researchers everywhere began to collaborate and share data.
How did the Internet transform scientific research?
in the 1980s
When did Americans begin using computers in their homes and small businesses?
about 70%
Study the graph.According to the graph, approximately how much of the US population used the Internet in 2006?
some people worry it will negatively impact human health.
Genetic modification of food crops is considered controversial because
a 1960s government computer network.
improved understanding of genetic diseases.
Recent breakthroughs in medical research have
Which technology enables surgery to be more precise?
handwritten letters.
E-mail, texting, and social media have largely replaced
the World Wide Web.
The Internet service that allows users to navigate among many pages is
advances in robotics.
Industry has lowered its labor costs through
She criticized the colony's government.
What led to trouble for Anne Hutchinson in colonial times?
still struggles with religious intolerance.
Although religious diversity has steadily increased throughout US history, the nation
church membership and attendance were required.
In most of early colonial America,
a crime motivated by prejudice
Which of the following best describes a hate crime?
series of religious revivals that swept the American colonies in the 1730s.
The First Great Awakening was a
Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield
Which of the following names two leaders of the First Great Awakening?
to modernize the Catholic Church
Which of the following best states the purpose of the Second Vatican Council?
She was banished to Rhode Island.
How was Anne Hutchinson punished by the government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1638?
gave rise to the antislavery and temperance movements.
The social activism of the Second Great Awakening
the spreading of religious belief.
An important part of Protestantism in the twentieth century was evangelism, which refers to
a religious dissenter who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Who was Anne Hutchinson?
often accused of being more loyal to the Pope than to America.
Catholic immigrants to the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s were
appeared on television and radio.
To spread his evangelical message, Billy Graham
enterprise zone
An area where companies can locate without having to pay specific local, state, and federal taxes is known as a(n)___________.