The types of computers range from the Hybrid to the Analog types. The computers you come across in the daily course of your day range from laptops, palmtops and towers, to desktop computers, to name a few.

But the very word "computers" reminds one of the desktop computers used In offices or homes. Deferent categories of computes have been devised in keeping with our varied needs. The Types Of Computers: Analog and Hybrid (classification based on operational principle) Analog Computers: The analog computer is almost an extinct type of computer these days. It Is different from a digital computer In respect that It can perform numerous mathematical operations simultaneously. It Is also unique In terms of operation as It utilizes continuous variables for the purpose of mathematical computation. It utilizes mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical energy or operation.

Hybrid computers: These types of computers are, as the name suggests, a combination of both Analog and Digital computers.The Digital computers which work on the principle of binary digit system of "O" and "1" can give very precise results. But the problem Is that they are too slow and Incapable of large scale mathematical operation. In the hybrid types of computers the Digital counterparts convert the analog signals to perform Robotics and Process control. Apart from this, computers are also categorized on the basis of physical structures and the purpose of their use. Based on Capacity, speed and reliability they can be divided into three categories of computers: .

The Mainframe Computer - These are computers used by large organizations like meteorological surveys and statistical Institutes for performing bulk mathematical computations. They are core computers which are used for desktop functions of over one hundred people simultaneously. The Microcomputer - These are the most frequently used computers better known by the name of "Personal computers". This is the type of computer meant for public use.

Other than Desktop Computer the choice ranges as follows Personal Dealt ComputerThe Mini computer - Mini computers like the mainframe computers are used by business organization. The difference being that it can support the simultaneous working of up to 100 users and is usually maintained in business organizations for the maintenance of accounts and finances.