Darrell Hammond has displayed a high degree of intelligence in his entrepreneurial ventures. This is basically in regard to how he manages his business affairs. This is witnessed in the way he reasons and speaks in his television casts. Darrell also has a confident and determined personality.

He exudes a lot of confidence as evident in his display of high self-esteem and self-assurance. Additionally, Darrell’s determination is evident in the kind of initiatives he comes up with. It definitely requires a lot of passion as well as perseverance to be in a position of managing an organization as powerful as KaBoom. Darrell has always maintained a high degree of integrity in spite of his influence. This is probably because he desires to be a role model to the millions of children whose causes he advocate for. Darrell’s honesty, trustworthiness, as well as reliability are evident in his dealings.

This is because it is not possible to win the trust of well over 300 corporate organizations unless one is honest (Schwab & Schwab 2012, p. 202). This has also been possible because of his friendliness, diplomacy, and pleasantness. Darrell’s Communication Style Darrell uses the assertive style of communication.

Basically, the assertive style of communication is based on the fact that individuals articulate their views as well as feelings clearly (McKay, Davis & Fanning 2008, p. 131-6). People who use the assertive style of communication advocate for their rights as well as their needs without necessarily infringing on the rights of others. Darrell uses the assertive style of communication because he is born of very high self-esteem. Additionally, Darrell values himself as well as his time.

By and large, his emotional, spiritual, as well as his physical needs are his strongest advocates (McKay et al. 2008, p.131-6). His respect for the rights of others is evident in the way he fights for the rights of children with regard to having access to proper opportunities for play.

During his communication with people, it is evident that Darrell feels in control of himself (McKay et al. 2008, p.131-6). He also maintains a very good eye contact and speaks in a calm clear tone of voice.

Darrell is a good listener who gives attention to people without necessariy interrupting them. During his television casts, Darrell maintains a relaxed body posture and somewhat feels connected with people as he communicates with them (McKay et al. 2008, p.131-6). It is also evident that Darrell does not permit people to abuse or stage-manage him. Over the years, Darrell has been in a position of creating a reverential environment for people to grow and mature in his initiatives like KaBoom.

Darrell Hammond’s Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability of a person to identify, manage and assess the emotions of others. In as much some people are of the view that emotional intelligence is a characteristic that is inborn, researchers on the other hand believe that it is grown and upheld (Goleman 1998, p. 198-210). By and large, Darrel Hammond is an individual with very strong emotional intelligence.

This is on the basis of his ability to establish an incredible organization such as KaBoom. He came up with the organization in 1995 and has weathered many storms in his quest to have a play ground for every American child set up within a walking distance (Schwab & Schwab 2012, p. 202). He has largely been able to perceive the emotions of others as well as manage them.

In his pursuit to have play spaces within the reach of children, Darrell has been involved in convincing people in the United States to create play spaces in communities. During all his endeavors, he has displayed very wonderful understanding as well as emotional intelligence. In line with this Darrell has turned out to be an authority in persuading others to do what he thinks is appropriate because of his amiability as well as acumen (Goleman 1998, p. 198-210). Darrell has been able to convince communities and corporate organizations some of which have not been in support of his initiatives. Over the course of his pursuits, Darrell has been able to alter government budgets for the establishment of playgrounds in schools.

He has also been influential in changing the practices of home building in earthquake-prone provinces of China, Haiti, as well as Indonesia. This is mainly to make sure that populations around the world work under secure, reasonable, and permissible surroundings. In his endeavors, Darrell has developed innovative models that combine the strengths of government, business, as well as civil society in accelerating its social impact (Schwab & Schwab 2012, p. 202). This has been made possible by delivering good results to as many people as possible at the lowest costs possible. Darrell Hammond’s Leadership Style There are many styles of leadership that an individual can use.

As for the case of Darrell, he uses the transformational style of leadership. Transformational leadership is the one in which people follow an individual who inspires them (Bass & Riggio 2006, p. 162-4). This is mainly because an individual with a vision as well as a passion is able to achieve many things, just like Darrell has been able to. Transformational leadership begins with the development of a vision, including a view of the future that will motivate and adapt potential followers.

Darrell is definitely a transformational leader because he has been able to get things done by injecting enthusiasm and energy into his initiatives (Bass & Riggio 2006, p. 162-4). He has put passion into his initiatives, and truly cares about children and wants them to succeed.Darrell, just like other transformational leaders, is quite charismatic. He was able to maximize an opportunity and used all he could use to convince many people to climb on board the bandwagon. Darrell has been very careful in creating trust so as to be in a position of creating a following (Bass & Riggio 2006, p.

162-4). His personal integrity has been a critical package of they way he goes about managing his initiatives. As a result, his initiatives like KaBoom have been selling themselves just like the vision (Bass & Riggio 2006, p. 162-4).

Conclusion Through the initiatives of Darrell Hammond, it is evident that promising and ground-breaking solutions to the challenges in the world today can be spearheaded by abstruse entrepreneurial organizations like Darrell’s KaBoom (KaBoom, 2012). Though the impact of such organizations is fundamental, it is however true that the world is still far from what it requires in solving major challenges that affect the society at large. The example of Durrell must be emulated since he is a strong advocate in the power of volunteerism and society mobilization.