-Rank: 1st -Criteria for Ranking: 306 death (the most deadly earthquake in year 2012) -Date: August 11, 2012 -Location: East Azerbaijan Province, Iran -Type: Twin earthquakes (Magnitude 6. 3 and 6. 4) -Description: The earthquake resulted in an estimated 306 deaths, over 5000 injured, most of houses destroyed. -Sources of information: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Earthquakes_in_2012#cite_note-98 and http://earthquake. usgs. gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usb000bupa. php#details -Rank: 2nd -Criteria for Ranking: 30 killed, 109 missing Date: June 1, 2012 -Location: Bugimwera village, Uganda -Type: Landslide -Description: The landslide resulted in 30 deaths and more than 100 were still missing. There were about 400,000 people required humanitarian help. A great number of houses were destroyed and over 3000 need to be resettled -Sources of information: http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2012/06/26/mount-elgon-landslide-2012-missing-uganda_n_1626893. html and http://www. rnw. nl/africa/article/hundreds-homeless-many-watchful-after-uganda-mudslide Rank: 3rd -Criteria for Ranking: 113 death -Date: February 6, 2012 -Location: Visayas, Philippines (near island of Negros, and Cebu) -Type: Earthquake (Magnitude 6. 7) -Description: The earthquake resulted in an estimated 113 deaths, about 112 injured; about 15,000 buildings and 17 bridges were destroyed. -Sources of information: http://earthquake. usgs. gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/2012/usb0007wgq/#summary and http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Earthquakes_in_2012#September -Rank: 4th -Criteria for Ranking: 81 death Date: September 7, 2012 -Location: Yiliang, Zhaotong, Yunnan Province, China -Type: Earthquake (Magnitude 5. 6) -Description: The earthquake resulted in an estimated 81 deaths, about 821 injured; more than 6600 houses were flattened and thousands were damaged; about $552 million lost in the earthquake. -Sources of information: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/2012_Yunnan_earthquakes -Rank: 5th -Criteria for Ranking: 77 death -Date: June 29, 2012 -Location: Brahmaputra River, State of Assam, northeastern India -Type: Flood Description: 77 were killed in the flood, over 2 million people and 2084 villages were affected. -Sources of information: http://india. blogs. nytimes. com/2012/09/24/floods-and-landslides-kill-dozens-in-north-east-india/ and http://www. nytimes. com/2012/06/30/world/asia/india-floods-swamp-more-than-2000-villages. html -Rank: 6th -Criteria for Ranking: 75 death -Date: June 11, 2012 -Location: Baghlan Province, Afghanistan -Type: Earthquakes (Magnitude 5. 4 and 5. 7) -Description: The earthquake resulted in an estimated 75 deaths, about 13 injured.

The earthquake causes mountains in the Hindu Kush region to break off. Sayi Hazara was completely destroyed that only one home survived. -Sources of information: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/June_2012_Afghanistan_earthquakes -Rank: 7th -Criteria for Ranking: 27 death -Date: May 20, 2012 -Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy -Type: Earthquakes (Magnitude 6. 1 and 5. 8) -Description: The earthquake resulted in an estimated 27 deaths, about 400 injured (50 in the first earthquake and 350 in the second).

It also caused more than 45,000 people lost their home. -Sources of information: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/2012_Northern_Italy_earthquakes -Rank: 8th -Criteria for Ranking: 20 death -Date: September 23, 2012 -Location: Northeastern states of Sikkim and Assam, India -Type: Floods and landslides -Description: 20 people died, 1. 3 million of people were affected by flood, over 200,000 of people lost their houses. -Sources of information: http://india. blogs. nytimes. com/2012/09/24/floods-and-landslides-kill-dozens-in-north-east-india/ Rank: 9th -Criteria for Ranking: 17 death -Date: November 4, 2012 -Location: Andhra Pradesh, India -Type: Flood -Description: The flood resulted in 17 deaths and destroyed more than 1246 houses. Crops were destroyed over 243,634 hectares. Roads were also heavily damaged. -Sources of information: http://www. disaster-report. com/2012/11/recent-natural-disasters-list-november-4. html -Rank: 10th -Criteria for Ranking: 8 death -Date: February 29, 2012 -Location: Harrisburg, Illinois, the United States -Type: Tornado (EF-4)