My opinion about the movie. All of the girls especially who are in a relationship will definitely love this movie.

I love the idea that a rich, well mannered girl will fall in love with a simple and ordinary guy. In their generation it the rich family will feel ashamed or embarrassed with their relatives when their child fall in love with the average guy or girl.I already heard before that this movie catch every girls heart they also dream this kind of love Tory but not that kind of ending. Even though Rose already had a chance to survive she still risk her life to be with the man she loves even though she did know if they will die together or not.

She even risk her life twice for Jack, first, when Jack was handcuffed in the room, Rose together with her family already had a chance to escape the ship but she still choose to look for Jack and rescue it. Second, when Rose already sat on the boat she still look for the chance to get out the boat and to get back to Jack.The movie was totally beautiful for me, the first time I watched it I cried n the end when Jack did not survive the tragedy. While the boat is sinking they are holding hands but because Jack don't have a life vest that makes him hard to survive with Rose.

2. Make an outline of the movie. In the beginning of the story there is a team who hunt treasure and searching for the necklace, "The Heart of the Ocean". It is the necklace owned by Rose and she wore it when Jack sketches her with the naked body. Their hunting of treasure was shown at the television and she makes a way to meet Lovely the leader in hunting treasure.

While looking for it Rose saw her mirror, her hair clip and her other things he left at the ship. She even tells the story about what happen in the titanic begin with Jack who win a ticket for the ship in playing cards. The first meeting was kind an epic, which is Rose trying to Jump off the ship. And Jack convince Rose to not to do it, while rescuing Rose, she slide in the corner of the railing that makes her scream and luckily Jack nylon on to nerd, en 010 rescue Rose Day pulling nerd up, out ten crew misunderstand it because of their position, Jack on top of Rose.After the first met they always bumping each other in the ship that makes the two of them close to ACH other.

There is a woman in a ship named Margaret or Molly who lends him a dinner Jacket and invites him too first class dinner. After dinner the two met and had a common party by the common people who are having fun. After that Rose decide a future with Jack, she even let Jack to sketch her wearing nothing but the necklace called "the Heart of the Ocean".After sketching Rose they went out to the room but someone saw them and that made them run and they saw a vintage car and they try to hide inside it but Rose initiate and something happen to them. There re two crews in the top of the ship saw them kissing at the hallway and they did not notice a iceberg near them. It's too late for them to turn the ship that makes them bump to iceberg.

And that makes the water enter the ship. Someone caught the two lovers together and bring them to Rose's room and the saw the necklace in Jacks pocket that makes him be a thief and handcuffed in the storage room.All of the passengers are getting ready to escape at the ship using the emergency boat, but Rose escape when her family is already at the boat Just to rescue her man, Jack. No en wants to help her and she saw an axe to rescue Jack, and luckily no one hurts.

The water is coming up at the boat that makes them hard to get off. In the second chance of Rose to get off the ship she still choose to be with Jack until the ship sink, and only Rose survive with the two of them because Jack don't have his life vest.There are still a lot of people who lose hope and decide to stay at the sinking ship named Titanic. 3. Who are the major characters? Minor characters? Describe each.

* Jack Dawson is played by Leonardo Decapods The male lead character in Titanic, Jack Dawson, was NOT an actual person, ND Cameron creates the scenario of him (and his friend Fabric) winning their tickets in a "lucky hand of poker", to explain away the fact that neither of their names appear on the passenger list, quite imaginative! Rose DeWitt Baker is played by Kate Winglet Titanic's female lead character, Rose Dewitt Baker, is again NOT an actual person, however, Rose, together with the rest of the Hockey entourage, are representative of a typically wealthy family of the era. I can see why Cal and Jack were fighting over her, there's not many seventeen-year old girls will lie there a Wendell you craw teen! * Cal Hockey is played by Billy Zane He was heir to his father's steel company, which was quite ironic, since Jack would 'steal' Rose from him during the Journey!Poor Cal was quite upset by the time he got to New York, he'd lost his girl and his diamond. * Ruth DeWitt Baker is played by Frances Fisher Ruth DeWitt Baker, yet another fictional character, may have had a rather fancy name, but all of the family's millions had been whittled away to next to nothing, so it was Rut's Job to ensure that only an heir to a fortune could get their hands on a Jewel like Rose!Fabric Dieresis is played by Danny Nuncio Jack Dawson best mate, Fabric, was another fictional character, however, if he had of been someone from history, they might have spent a bit more time on teaching him how to sound like an Italian! * Margaret Brown is played by Kathy Bates Margaret "Molly" Brown was a REAL person, she did exist, and most of what you hear about her in the movie is correct. However, any interaction with any of the fictional characters, like the meeting on the boat deck with Jack and Rose, should be dismissed.

A plain-talking, down to earth woman, she probably taughtJack to spit! She is the one who lend Jack a dinner Jacket and invites her to a first class dinner. * Thomas Andrews is played by Victor Gerber Thomas Andrews was of course a real person, he worked for Harlan and Wolff, Ana en was roar the maiden voyage. I Titanic as part AT ten Milne-man guarantee group to oversee * Captain Smith is played by Bernard Hill Captain Smith was of course a REAL person. Personally, I wasn't too happy with Cameraman's treatment of him, especially when the decision to uncover the lifeboats is made, it was a bit lacking to be honest. Countess of Routes is played by Rockwell Rose The Countess of Routes was indeed a REAL person, although in real life she would probably be able to talk, whereas in the movie, she Just seemed to nod all the time. * Brock Lovely is played by Bill Pastor Another fictional character, the treasure-seeking Brock Lovely, who thinks he's hit the Jackpot when Rose's daughter Leslie steps out of the helicopter onto the deck of the Kelly's! In an outrageous attempt to seduce Leslie, he tells her, "l never let it in before".

Well, she didn't fall for that one Mr.. Lovely, even given your surname. * Joseph Bruce Simms is played by Jonathan Hyde Joseph Bruce Simms was a REAL person, Cameron belittled him in some scenes, especially with Rose's 'Freud Joke' at dinner! He did board a lifeboat as seen in the movie, and his actions would haunt him for the rest of his life.

* Archibald Gracie is played by Bernard Fox Archibald Gracie was indeed a REAL person. Archibald Gracie provided one AT my Advocate lines In ten movie, women Ana machinery don't ml! ' 4.Structure: Did the movie follow a predictable story line? Maybe they did do follow but there are still some changes in delivering the story. He even uses real characters like Margaret who is known as one of the survivors in he ship Titanic.

There are also some articles that says all of her lines that was said in the movie was true. Captain Smith who is also a real character who portraits a little loyalty with the ship who choose to die with the ship than to survive. 5. Cinematography and Lightning: How well the movie shot and directed?The movie was well directed and shot.

They put a lot of effort in making this movie like it is the really one that happen in the ship Titanic. But there are still people who find it an ordinary movie. Maybe it is but the way or idea on how the director delivers the happenings on what happen on the titanic. . How did the director direct the movie? James Cameron is the one who directs the movie, Titanic. In my opinion he came up with a good idea.

He starts the movie in the present that shows on how Rose live after what happen many years ago.Then he came up with the idea on what happen with the ship titanic that was going to narrate on one of the major characters in Titanic. Rose did the narration and flashback that starts on how Jack gets on the ship. He uses the necklace to came up on the idea on what happen in the ship by using one of the survivors and major characters named Rose. .

What is the effect of the movie to you? The movie was great. For me as a girl who already fall in love there are some effects did the movie do like fall in love like you don't care what will people around you will tell you.The movie catches everybody heart especially the girls who love Jack. Rose did not care if her image will fall as long as she loves Jack. 8. Rate of the movie from 1-10.

Why? 1-5 below average, 5. 5-7. 5 Medicare, 8-8. 5 good, 9 great, 9. 5 near perfect, 10 class master piece.

My rate to this movie is 10. Why? This love story is already in people's earth, this also show that not all love stories is like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White who is waiting for their prince charming sweet kiss to woke up and have a happily ever after.Even though Jack died, Rose still continues her life with her granddaughter and make Jack as his inspiration in everything. 9.

Will you recommend the film to others? Yes I will recommend this movie to others specially those who are in love, who fell in love and those who wants to fall in love even though they need to sacrifice for it. This movie had a tragedy in making them self to have a happy ending but they ailed the challenges that makes Jack died but still Rose still loves her in any way. 10.Do you love the same manner as the major characters do? Maybe I am, sacrifice and pain is the twin of love. Loving someone doesn't mean everybody wants it, there are still people around you who wishes to break your love to each other, but because of strong love and Rose did not mind the people around nerd seen still continue nerd love to Jack.

Ana loving someone to ten Tulles doesn't mean to have a happily ever after ending. Challenges is also a part of love that will challenge you and your love one on how tight you love to each other.