The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Act IV Study Questions 1. Where does Act IV scene 1 take place? a. Antony’s house 2. Who makes up the second triumvirate? a. Antony, Octavius, Lepidus 3. What are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus discussing at their meeting? a.

Who should be killed 4. Describe Antony’s feelings concerning Lepidus. a. he doesn’t think Lepidus should be one of the leaders 5.

What are Octavius and Antony planning? a. to raise an army to fight Brutus and Cassius 6. What do lines 48-51 tell you about Octavius’ state of mind at this point? a. he is suspicious of everyone 7.

Where is Act IV scene 2 set? a. n a battlefield 8. How does Brutus respond when Lucilius tells him that Cassius has been courteous and respectful, but not as familiar and friendly as in the past? a. he tells Lucillius that Cassius’s friendship is insincere 9. Describe Cassius’ greeting upon seeing Brutus.

a. he accuses Brutus of having done him wrong 10. Why does Brutus ask Cassius to “be content” and “speak your griefs softly? ” a. he wants to talk to Cassius privately 11. What does this exchange of words between Cassius and Brutus lead you to believe about their alliance? a.

it may be starting to crumble 12. What is the setting of Act IV Scene 3? . a tent on the battlefield 13. Why is Cassius angry at Brutus at the beginning of this scene? a. Brutus contradicted Cassius’s claim that Lucius Pella was innocent 14.

Who claims to be the better and more experienced soldier? a. Cassius 15. Describe the interaction between Brutus and Cassius throughout lines 32-64. a. they are arguing 16.

What is the subject of the men’s argument (lines 65-85)? a. Brutus asked for money to pay his soldiers and Cassius refused to give it to him 17. What does Cassius mean when he says, “A friend should bear his friend’s infirmities, but Brutus makes mine greater than they are? a. that Brutus exaggerates all Cassius’s flaws 18. How does Cassius respond to Brutus’ disappointment in him and his dislike for his faults? a. he accuses Brutus of liking Caesar more and demands that Brutus kill him 19.

How is the argument between them resolved? a. they shake hands and blame Cassius’s anger on his mother 20. What does Brutus blame his anger on? a. his quick temper 21.

How did Portia die? a. she swallowed burning coals 22. What two pieces of news does Messala bring to Brutus? a. that Antony and Octavius have put 100 senators to death b.

he confirms Portia’s death 23.Describe the views of Brutus and Cassius in regard to the plan to face Octavius, Antony, and Lepidus. Whose idea is accepted? a. Brutus – the army must march immediately so that the people don’t join Antony’s army b. Cassius – they must wait for Antony’s army to come to them, which will then be too tired to fight c.

Brutus’s plan is accepted 24. What strange vision comes to Brutus in his tent? What message does Brutus receive from this? What do you think it means? a. the ghost of Caesar b. Brutus will see him again at Phillippi c. that Brutus is going to die 25.

How do the other people in the tent react? a. they didn’t see anything