The target market has influenced the target market because it is a family restaurant and the restaurant is quite close to the shopping centre that is open late nights on Wednesday and on Saturdays.

Therefore, it is likely that a family would go shopping and before heading back home, they would have a meal. The restaurant is also very close to Valentines Park.(This can be seen on the map attached at the back.) it is quite likely that during summer an spring parents would take their kids out to the park, and it is quite normal that they go in a big group with a lot of friend, now as this restaurant is very close to the park they may decide to go and have a meal before heading home to eat, and as the restaurant is so close to the park it is quite likely that they would go to the Mirch Masala restaurant. It is also possible that because the staffs are so friendly and they are very well mannered people like to visit the restaurant repeatedly as they like the service that they receive there.

The effect of opening my restaurant will have on the community and the existing businesses. The opening of my business may have loads of effect on the community and existing businesses and they may be good for them or it may be bad for them. For my market research, I had designed a questionnaire. I had circulated this questionnaire to the public on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I gave this questionnaire to the public at the shopping centre and in Sunday I gave the questionnaire to the public who passed my shop.

Overall, I have 35 filled questionnaires.I did not only give these questionnaires to those who are in my target market because I want views from everyone and I didn't only give it to Indians because I don't just want Indians to come to my restaurant but I want people of different races and different cultures. From my results, I could clearly see that I had potential customers and that my restaurant will be a very great success. I did find out that there were some people who replied on their questionnaires that they really weren't interested but that didn't bother me because it was their views.However, I did see that there were a lot of them who were interested in my restaurant. When I was conducting the questionnaire I had seen that a few people said that they would not really come to my restaurant but once they read the questions on two kitchens and they asked me about it they changed their minds and they circled the box saying that they would visit my restaurant.

I think because of this idea of having two restaurants my restaurant is really going to stand out from the rest and will make my restaurant a great success.In my questionnaire I realised that a lot of the people do visit a lot of the restaurants already in the area but they do not stick to one restaurant, they like going to new restaurants all the time. At the beginning this may be good for me because a lot of people would visit my restaurant but I will have to really treat them nicely with good services because in the long run they may then leave my restaurant and go to other restaurants and to prevent this from happening I will need to make my restaurant the best and make it unique from the rest.From my result I have found out that there are many more non-vegetarians that there are vegetarians. One mistake which I know a lot of restaurant make when they conduct market research is that if they find out that there are many more non-vegetarians than there are vegetarians then they tend to make less vegetarian dishes than non-vegetarian dishes, but although I have found out that there are more non-vegetarians that vegetarians I will not make less vegetarian dishes because vegetarians cannot eat non-vegetarian dishes but non-vegetarians can eat vegetarian dishes.However, this is not the reason why I will make the same number of vegetarian dishes than non-vegetarian because I want there to be a large choice and variety for my vegetarian customers.