The industry becomes a driver whenever the culture of Silicon Valley, which is to help each other out in building a successful business, exists in each economic zone.

Sharing of ideas amongst fellow technophobe amongst areas that a startup can improve on can only improve the number of startups. The increase in the number of serial entrepreneurs can help in creating more solutions for other companies. The industry becomes an inhibitor whenever it does the opposite of what is happening in Silicon Valley.Competition amongst ideas can bring out the best and he worst of things, yet it can be said that non-cooperation towards what could benefit a startup can only worsen an industry.

The "crab mentality' that exists in the industry will only pull each company downwards instead of improving each other's area of weakness. Actors in the Philippine Decipherment's Development These are notable figures that are currently shaping the decipherment's development in the Philippines.Through what they had achieved and what they are currently promoting on, these people will always be an influential aspect towards an industry that continues to grow in this country. Many V. Pangolin Chairman of PLOT, the only corporation in the Philippines that is listed in NASDAQ as part of the technology industry. Launched "Displace", which is an incubator that would "Jumpstarted the creation of a Silicon-Valley like ecosystem in the Philippines.

Jaime Cobble De Loyal President and Chairman of Loyal Corporation, who is responsible for the creation of several business incubators in the Philippines. Gregory Domingo The current Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Mario Monte The current Department of Science and Technology Secretary Joey Conception Former Presidential Consultant for Entrepreneurship of Arroyo administration. Founder of Go Negroes, which is an organization that encourages Filipinos in engaging in entrepreneurship. These are some companies have become spearheads towards decipherment's in the Philippines.They are the ones that had a vision towards providing technological solutions and had capitalized on these ideas that became what they are today.

Chukka Philippines Inc. Is an application that started in the early sass's, wherein it provides free text messaging through the use of the internet. Founded by Chit Basement, Dennis Medial, and Alexandra Rosa. Smart Telecommunications acquired Chukka in 2009 for around PH 750 million. Cosmic Technologies Incorporated (Cherry Mobile) Founded by Maynard Eng in 2008 Enhanced dual SIMI capabilities of mobile phones Slit.

Com. H Founded by RUG David and Iranian Rose David in 2006 A classified ads website that offers a medium for buying and selling goods through and online marketplace with different categories. Recommendations Based from the acquired information, the recommendations in order to promote decipherment's in the country towards the government, academe and industry re the following. Government The government plays an important role in supporting every technophobe in its startups. Policies that could either help or burden the progress of these startups are the things that the government can control.

In the countries that are included in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index, the policy maker's perspective across different countries have shown that there are only slight changes that are needed for these cities to improve in terms of their indices. For the Philippines and its cities, it requires Magmata, Tagging, and others have different strengths and weaknesses across the ecosystem index, which a policy maker could make a basis on how it can improve things. Here are the recommendations to the government to promote decipherment's.Government should encourage decorousness in creating startups by providing financial assistance towards ideas that are sound and unique, so as to minimize the fear of taking business risks. Government should not hold back, and invest in infrastructure that would solve different areas of weakness such as internet penetration. Government should champion local heroes in order to provide inspiration towards startups.

Government should fund education sectors that focus on technical training. Government should increase the quality of technology related economic zones rather Just putting up as many zones as possible.Academe The academe has been the foundation of most of the decorousness in all parts of the world. Bow' Gal, the creator of World Startup Report, indicated that the opportunities of the country of having a large population, English proficiency, and unrestricted access to media and information can benefit the startup market of the country. This shows that educational attainment improves the chances of a startup coming a successful one. In trying to address the academe concerns for decipherment's startups, here are the recommendations for the academe sector in the Philippines.

Require or encourage students in taking up post-graduate studies. This is crucial as our country is one of the only ones left who have not incorporated the K-12 system in education. Focus on degrees that provide a path towards decipherment's. These degrees tend to benefit its students in the long-term.

Improvements over technology based universities. Engaging the youth towards activities that enhance their ideas on starting up a easiness, specifically on the technology side. The academe should produce effective mentors in order to guide the ideas of decorousness and helping them in the execution of these ideas.Provide seminars and community engagements for different people all over the country. The industry should develop the "Silicon Valley culture", wherein traditional marketing ideologies are revolutionized. An article on ways to reinvent advertising through the use of the "Silicon Valley culture" shows how the culture can change an industry for the better.

Through this culture, we specify the recommendations awards each technology related companies in the Philippines. Focus on how the company can meet the needs of customers rather than Just maximizing the sales of the company.In maximizing human value, we can create real relationships amongst customers which tend to reflect positively on the financial side of the company. Long- term plans usually lead to bigger goals, and this is how future technology based corporations should look at things.

There's always room for improvement, and in doing so, we should work together by sharing ideas rather than pulling each other own to reach the top. It is in this way that we improve as a whole. Looking into impact rather than Just inventing a great product.Companies should realize how their products can impact society rather than Just building one for the benefit of their revenue. Universal accessibility can open new avenues for a company's product.

Be authentic and realistic with what you are trying to create. A company that creates a product that is out of this world can truly boost its industry, yet the problem is it would never exist if it is beyond the bound of authenticity and realism. Collaboration s an effective tool towards generating and executing great ideas.In Silicon Valley, ideas are everywhere, yet it is the execution of these ideas that makes the difference between success and failure. Silicon Valley has this culture of not only providing the latest products, but also helping people see how its products can truly help them in what they want to achieve.