Oh how my life has changed, but it’s not just my life it’s everyone’s now with all this
inventing going on the things we have today are so different then when I was growing up.

In 1861 when I was a child we lived in poor little run down shacks of wood on dirt streets
with no iceboxes to keep our food from spoiling, we had to keep our food in cellars or in
running streams in our back yards. Now a day’s kids ride trolley’s to and from school, but
when I was a child we had to walk for miles in the snow, rain, and sometimes violent
storms.These kids think they have it bad, well I wish they were around to see what all we had
compared to what they have today. The Morse code for example we didn’t have that but
they do and they can send messages to people all over the country. They have iceboxes,
which also means they have fresh food for weeks. They have running water in the house
so no more running to the well to get fresh water.

Bathrooms in the house, no more
running outside late at night to use the bathroom.The time’s are changing so much. An industrial revolution is happening right before my
eyes. Things are being produced more rapidly and efficiently. Factories are hiring large
amounts of workers which means alot of new houses are being built.

There are apartments
for people who don’t need houses, and large housing facilities for people with large
Our lives are changing so much that I hardly get to see my wife, I come in from the
factory, eat and go to bed to get up early in the morning to head off to work again.
My kids have no time to do chores with all the schooling that they are doing they have
alot of homework that they have to complete because education is big and many kids are
going to college these day’s. I have no idea what the world will be like in years to come,
but I can only imagine that my grandchildren will have it even much better then how we
have it now.If the world continues at a pace it is at right now then I can say that by the 1930’s the
world will be so much different that people will have to get high education’s and complete
college to understand all of the simple things of the future life.