It is this that has paved the way that British Airways do business and will carry on perfecting and tweaking its service so passengers across the globe can see that British Airways is the world’s favourite airline. www. britishairways.

com British Airways Mission statement: "At British Airways, we want our customers to be at the heart of everything we do. " "Over the next five years, we will be investing heavily in our products and services, in order to maintain our position at the forefront of the airline industry.We believe that achieving this goal requires ingenuity, a constant dialogue with you, our customers and a dedication to improving our delivery of existing and new products and services. " www. britishairwaysfuturelab.

com British Airways Vision Statement: "Our corporate responsibility vision is to become the world’s most responsible airline, and we have developed guiding principles that describe what we are doing to achieve this goal. " www. britishairways. com British Airways Short term objectives:Be punctual with service and achieve 20 percentage points in the year * Depart the aircrafts with in 15minutes of its scheduled time * Reduced lost or misdirected bags during the year * Transferring 21 of British Airways services to Heathrow Terminal 3 during February and March for premium check-in is consolidates with our oneworld partners * Improve service satisfaction in the new Club World cabin www. britishairways.

com British Airways Long- term objectives: In an incredibly tough trading environment we have to focus hard on pulling ourselves through the immediate crisis, while preparing the business for better economic times. This year we have mapped out a long-term vision for our business. " "It is to be the world’s leading global premium airline" www. britishairways.

com *"To expand operations and focus on corporate responsibility and make it an important part of the organisation" * "Be the airline of choice for longhaul premium customers" * "Deliver an outstanding service for customers at every touch point" * "Grow our presence in key global cities" "Build on our leading position in London" * "Meet our customers’ needs and improve margins through new revenue streams" www. britishairways. com What type of sector is British Airways in: British Airways is a Public Limited Company (PLC), it has many shareholders and is a private company. British Airways is owned by a group of shareholders and the majority of shares belongs to eight shareholders from Invesco Perpetual who own 60. 12% of the shares which makes them the largest shareholders into British Airways www. uk.

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answers. com How has change within the industry affected British Airways?Reducing aviation emissions based on carbon trading that is applied equally to all airlines, referred to as a Global Sectoral Approach. * Noise pollution from airlines www. onedestination. co. uk * Human rights and faith Symbols www.

bbc. co. uk * Cabin crew strikes due to wages www. business.

blogs. cnn. com * Heathrow airport enforces Airline tariffs www. ft. com Constraints within which British Airways has to operate in its sector:The airline industry will always be a competitive one. For rising fares and amazing feautres that other airlines implement with in their company British Airways always has to match it by constantly improving its service and especially its customer service.

In an industry such as air travel, there will always be people who will pay that bit extra for a first class service, even those who wish to travel in economy class. British Airways has profited even in times when other airliners were making billions of dollars in losses.This is simply because British Airways has always put its customers and their comfort first. Also in regulation to environmental issues airlines have to comply with the policy which dictates to reduce Co2 emissions have to be reduced to 15% by all airline companies, British Airways chose to reduce Co2 emissions by 50% as British Airways are trying to create a different kind of fuel which is known as bio diesel. This fuel is acclaimed to be pollution free and environment friendly.