-The shape of the lost thing juxtaposes society in terms of colour and size. It is therefore ignored because of this fact (I found this post helpful http://community. boredofstudies. org/... d. php? t=284556 , http://community. boredofstudies. org/... d. php? t=205746) - Each individual is independent but together, they are seen as a group and belonging. which is ironic in a way? - When the lost thing was returned to the place, each of those characters was different and also the buildings inside were round compared to the human's 'world'. There is also a sense of belonging but in what way?

I can't seem to find the right word for it. - The protagonist is also seen as belonging when in the end, the frame zooms out showing that his tram is identical to the many others around it. IMG_20121113_185738. jpg - This picture shows how the society is identical and therefore they belong together IMG_20121113_185818 (1). jpg - This shows the duo going against the crowd which shows not belonging and individualism. Also the crows is seen as belonging because they look the same and are walking towards the same direction IMG_20121113_185802 (1). pg So can anyone tell me if I am going on the right path in terms of finding the concepts of belonging in this text? and also what are the basis for concepts of belonging? Is it acceptance, understanding, relationships and identity? what else are there? Yes, you're on the right path, never read the picturebook but have seen the short film. The factors you have mentioned are important to belonging, but in respect to the Lost Thing I remember his isolation from family, also conformity is a big thing in it.

In the picture book is there the scene where they go to the big dark place to find the lost thing's place? The tall, leering authoritarian figure is definitely something that stuck in my mind. I think the part at the end asserts that to have meaningful engagement of others, you have to have self acceptance and acceptance of others differences. It is exploring that to belong you don't have to be completely the same. The ones you have picked out are great, particularly the two protagonists visually going against the crowd.