The Internet, Television, and Truth Since the advent of the Internet, newspapers are becoming less and less important.

People are getting their news through the Internet with their laptops, tablets, and even cellophanes. Currently, many of people continue to read newspapers, but In the future newspapers might cease to exist because of the other sources of news available. Even If newspapers no longer exist, Journalists can still publish their articles online, just as many of them are already doing today.If the newspapers indeed go out, our freedom of information and objective truth will main intact since the Internet, television, and radio are all providers of our freedom of information and objective truth. The Internet is filled with websites that provide information and objective truth. There is a well known website, weakling.

Org, which publishes classified information that the government and others does not want us to know. Through the Internet, we all have access to the classified information.Most sites allow users to leave comments or replies to the author, creator, and each other's. Some types of websites include blobbing sites and news sites. Blobbing websites Like Wordless, Flogger, and Alleviation, gives everyone an opportunity to create his or her own blob and post about what they want to share on their weapon. Blobbing sites allow people to inform others and stand up for themselves when they are wronged.

Newscasts have also created their own website where they post articles and videos about the latest news with instant updates as events occur.Most major new stations will stream their newscasts live as they are aired on television or upload clips of news onto their website for later viewing. The major news stations stream their televised newscasts inline to keep up with the new generation of techies and to attract viewers, who usually do not watch television. The newscast aired on TV is where most people get information on everyday events happening around the world. News reporters would go out and Interview people of interest to get more Information for their newscast.

Often times, news stations will not hold back Information because they want to Increase their viewers. There are many channels available to choose from with different airing times to fit people's schedule as well as video clips online. Some Hansel require cable connectivity, but others are free for the public to watch. For people who are unable to afford Internet or a television, the next best alternative to get information is the radio.

Through the radio, people receive live or recorded broadcast of news and other information.Many of what is broadcasted on the radio can be found on the Internet and television because they use each other as sources. The radio became an extension to information after the invention of the television. People used the television more often for news instead of the radio, but when driving, people would listen to the radio to get the latest news.

During the dally commute to and from work, many drivers tune Into the radio to listen to the news and traffic conditions.The newspapers, Internet, television all rely on each other to get Information. Some sources maybe not be as reliable as others, but there are still many reliable sources available. The Internet, television, and radio are the informed population when the newspaper does not exist because of the amount of information available on the Internet. There are many reliable sources for people to choose from, so they do not have to worry about getting false information.